see ya!

Hey all!

Soo…..I’m going to be out of town for the next three days for a church women’s retreat. Hooray for girl talk, sleeping in (what’s that like?), and lots of yummy food. Rory is such an awesome hubby that he’s taking time off work so I can go! (thanks, hun!) I’ve made salsa and smore’s cookies for my contribution to the calorie count, and I’m sure there will be late nights and lots of laughing. I can’t wait!

(just cause her pig tails are too cute and I can’t post without a pic)

P.S. I’m giving myself the rest of the week off. So if I don’t respond to an email or comment that’s why! See ya next Monday! Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Sweeeeet girl!! Have a nice week :-) Greetings from Germany, Julia :)

  2. Your daughters a sweetie and so is your husband! Have a great time on your retreat~

  3. Have a great time!

    I remember coaxing pony tails out of my nearly hairless daughter….still love those pics ! And love the “real life” toys splayed about in the background :)

  4. Enjoy!

  5. Enjoy your much deserved time off!!

  6. Have an awesome time! I cannot wait until Miss M has enough hair for that!

  7. are you going to Time Out???

  8. Enjoy your weekend! I hope you are able to come back rested and rejuvenated from the inside out.

  9. Good for you!!! It’s about time. Enjoy it :)

  10. Ewww. Salsa cookies? Just kidding! Enjoy your break. You deserve it! :)

  11. Cutest pigtails ever!!

  12. Have a GREAT time!!

  13. The photo is 2 cute 4 words! Honestly :)

  14. I love your babies little fat cheeks. She looks like a cherub.

  15. Yay for you! I hope you have an AMAZING time!

  16. You wouldn’t happen to be going to the Beth Moore conference would you?? My women’s group is going on a retreat this weekend as well and we’re going to watch the Beth Moore conference. Well I’m staying home actually. I’d have to take my new baby with me and I just can’t bring myself to keep everyone up all night with her little fussy pants!

  17. Oh I LOVE the pig tails!! Adorable!!!

  18. I just visited to look at the photo.. I almost didn’t read the post, too distracted by all that cuteness! :)

  19. I am so jealous. Have fun!

  20. Oh sweet little Charlotte! How adorable! :) Have fun on your little vacation!

  21. Sounds like fun! Party hard and eat lots of goodies!


  22. Have a great time! Charlotte is just adorable!

  23. She is so cuteeeee.

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