The Pleat Weeks Guest Post

Have you heard about Kate’s Pleat series yet? Fun stuff is in store, I’m sure. I’m looking forward to the pleat fabulousness. I was super excited to get asked to play along. Ya’ll know I love me a good pleat. And a new top for Sadie. It’s like an addiction. Both of those things. Together, they’re unbeatable. Or unstoppable. Like a runaway freight train. Or me around french fries and ranch dip.
What was I talking about?

 OH yeah. I love me a good pleat. Especially when it’s done simply, it can add so much to a project.
So I made this simple little top-perfect for the last days of summer-and would be equally cute over a long sleeve top for fall too. 
I actually got some of the same print in voile to make a top for me, but didn’t even realize it for a little while. Mommy and me matching tops? yes please. We won’t wear them on the same day though. That would be just too weird.
You could add buttons on the front placket space, but I chose to keep mine simple and sweet.
Plus the back has buttons-that might be a little “button overload”. Not that I’m afraid of that.
Boy, have I got some good duds for you from this photo shoot! lol.

Below is the full tutorial!

Would you like to see how I made this sweet little top? Read on!
You’ll need:

1-1.5 yards of fabric (I used 1 yard with some scraps. Of course it depends on the size of your child)
matching thread
5-6 buttons
shirt to use for pattern making
First fold your shirt in half, and lay it out on some paper. (this is actually medical exam paper I got from Kate herself…she’s such a sweetie and sent me some. :) It’s perfect for patterns!)
Then trace around your top, adding seam allowances (I usually use 3/8″). Draw a slight A-line on the side, and add length for your hem on the bottom. Also draw in your back and front necklines.
Cut it out and label. Cut 1 of front on fold, and 2 of back. 
When you cut the back pieces though, make sure to use a ruler to add 1.5″ beyond the pattern, like so. This is for the buttons. (ignore the writing on the pattern. lol)

Then fold a piece of fabric in half, and make sure it’s big enough for your pattern. Now we’ll make the pleats.

 Iron on the fold to mark the middle, then on one side fold about 1/2 under. Press to make a line, then pin where you want to make the pleats. I pinned a little above where my front neckline would start, and then 5″ down from there.

Then sew along 3/8″ from the edge.

Repeat with the other side.

Then repeat the folding, pressing, pinning, and sewing until you’ve made enough pleats to your liking. I did 2 on each side.

Then fold in half again and cut out the front piece. The front piece will have extra fabric because of the pleats.

Then on the back pieces, finish the middle edges by serging or zig zag stitching.

Fold over 3/4″ and iron.

Then pin the shoulder seams right sides together, sew them together, and finish by serging or zig zag stitching. 

Next cut out some strips of bias tape for the raw edges of your top. Reference this tutorial for more info and a how to!

Then pin the bias tape to the armholes, sandwiching the raw edges inside. Finish the collar using this tutorial.

This is what you should have now! 

Next, pin your sides right sides together, and sew.

Then add your buttons and buttonholes. 

Hem the bottom by folding and pressing up 1/4″, then another 1/2-3/4″, and sewing that down. 

Tada! Easy peasy and cute. 


  1. love this, and i love pleat week! so with you on how much a simple pleat can add – this shirt is fabulous!

  2. Too cute! That is a pretty print.

  3. Adorable. I love the placket in the back. The fabric is fantastic as well.

  4. This is adorable, love the fabric too. This just went onto my must make list :) .

  5. I REALLY love this top! The fabric and everything! It’s adorable! I would wear this top so I don’t blame Sadie!

  6. oh Jess! it’s beautiful. it might be my favorite top yet! I am really digging that fabric too. I might just copy you and buy it in voile and make a shirt for me. :)

  7. Very cute! Love it!
    Have you hit your stash of patterns from the estate sale yet? So jealous!

  8. this is a hit! i want one for myself, too. :) Thanks so much for guesting Jess! You are amazing!!

  9. In love…once again. Oh, it is adorable. I want to make it adult size. Love love love

  10. That top is so gorgeous…I love the pleats!
    And yes, you must wear the matching tops at the same time…I did that a couple weeks ago and it totally cracks people up!

  11. This is SO adorable! Cute top, cute fabric, cute little girl!!

  12. look at that little cutie sadie girl! oh and the shirt looks amazing too! :)

  13. Take a photo of both of you wearing your matching tops! :) Your sewing projects are always so nice! I have several of your tutorials bookmarked for to make dresses and tops for my daughter. Thanks so much for always sharing :)

  14. Sadie is a doll! I love the top you made too.

  15. such a cute shirt and great pictures of sadie! you’ve seen the free sorbetto top pattern from colette patterns, right? for adults! it has one big pleat down the middle but could be easily changed to mimic what you did here. there’s even a sleeve addition (check out the sew weekly blog) if you want. i’d love to see your version of it. :)

  16. So very very cute! Love the subtle fabric- its so darling.

  17. Still enjoying your blog all the time! Thanks for all the great content! Therefore; I’m awarding you the Versatile Blogger Award! You can see the details at . I chose you and 14 other sites to receive this, after receiving it myself. I hope you accept it! Kristy

  18. I was instantly inspired by this shirt, so I made my daughter a modified version of it the next day! She loves to wear it, which means I’ll be making more in the future! Thanks again and love your blog.

  19. LOVE that top, and the fabric choice is lovely! I also love the idea of putting it on over a long sleeved top in the winter, I’ll definitely be checking out the tutorial!

  20. I love your blog. When I saw this top I had to make it right away!! Perfection! I linked to you on my new blog.

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  21. That’s a lovely top! I’m planning on making it this week for my five month old. But seriously…my favourite part of this post is your daughter’s hair! So sweet and simple.

  22. I just finished making this for my daughter. The first time for me making pleats and button holes. I am still not very good and drawing out my own patterns for some reason but everything else turned out beautifully with only the neck area a little wonky. Thank you for the tutorial. I am thinking of making another version but a lot longer as a shift dress. Thanks!!

  23. I just finished making this for my daughter. The first time for me making pleats and button holes. I am still not very good and drawing out my own patterns for some reason but everything else turned out beautifully with only the neck area a little wonky. Thank you for the tutorial. I am thinking of making another version but a lot longer as a shift dress. Thanks!!

  24. I just finished making this for my daughter. The first time for me making pleats and button holes. I am still not very good and drawing out my own patterns for some reason but everything else turned out beautifully with only the neck area a little wonky. Thank you for the tutorial. I am thinking of making another version but a lot longer as a shift dress. Thanks!!

  25. I just finished making this for my daughter. The first time for me making pleats and button holes. I am still not very good and drawing out my own patterns for some reason but everything else turned out beautifully with only the neck area a little wonky. Thank you for the tutorial. I am thinking of making another version but a lot longer as a shift dress. Thanks!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Very cute!

  27. I’ve been looking at all your wonderful sewing (remaking/repurposing) projects. I am so impressed. You do lovely work.

  28. I’ve had this (and tons more of your patterns/tutorials) bookmarked for months now, waiting for my daughter to get old enough to make it. You have an adorable daughter and a great sense of toddler style! Thanks for sharing!

  29. Anonymous says:


    the girl and the tee shirt its very beautifull

    Think yoou for france

  30. I had a go at making a toddler top using this tutorial. I’m really happy with the results and have posted about it over at my blog Thanks for sharing!

  31. Beautiful

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  249. Heather says:

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