another Simplicity 3835

I loved my first go at this pattern, so of course I knew another top would be in my near future! And once I saw this awesome fabric, I had to get some to use for it. It’s Just Dandy Blue Jay Floral Crosshatch-by Robert Kauffman, and I got it from my fabulous sponsor, Ribbon Retreat. Seriously, love this fabric.
I left off the tie this time, and didn’t even get out the directions. I know, what a rebel. I like it with this belt I thrifted a little while ago. My necklace kind of blends in though. I thought I was being all cool, matching my necklace…and then it blends in. eh. 
And just in case you though you’d escaped an awkward pic of my face, nope! gotcha.


  1. Really nice job, and I like your fabric choice!

  2. definitely a great fabric choice and it looks fab with that belt!

  3. Such a great fabric choice! (and I’m wearing a simplicity 3835 right now :)

  4. Love it! You’re right. This fabric is awesome!

  5. love it! that fabric is super cute and the belt is fabulous!!!

  6. cute! that fabric is very orla kiely-esque. nice choice.

  7. I really like it with the belt :) I just searched this pattern on Etsy and it’s pricey! Is it out of print? I wonder if I could get it at my fabric shop?

  8. Adorable. I really need to start sewing for myself.

  9. I love this fabric! I’m going to have to try making this top.

  10. great fabric! i love the belt. i wish I could thrift a cute belt like that!

  11. I love this! The belt looks great with it!!

  12. What a cute top!!! It looks great with the belt– I never would have considered it. It looks great on you. :)
    (I get so intimidated by patterns. =\)

  13. Hahaha! (Laughing about the second picture and how awesome you are about posting the weird-o faces.) :)

    And the top is great! I love it with the belt too.

  14. Great top…and you are looking great too!…

  15. Ooooo Love the fabric choice! Very flattering!


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  17. Hey I love the fabric choice. You have great taste. I’m always talking myself out of prints. I went to two Joann’s to try to buy this pattern. It must be out of print. So sad :(. If your Joann’s still has it. I will send you shipping if you buy it on the 1.99 sale this weekend. I’m not sure what else I could bribe you with. Freshly baked Chocolate chip cookies?

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