swim robe for Sadie

So, I hopped on the figurative bandwagon and bought Dana’s robe pattern-it is stinking cute and so easy to make. (besides the terry cloth fibers I inhaled…I jest… 😉 Sadie is taking swimming classes this summer, so I figured it was the smart thing to do, this way, she can wear her towel, cause how many almost 3 year olds do you know who can keep a towel wrapped around them?
Yeah, none? Me neither.
Just don’t look closely at my bias tape stitches (oh wait, most of you can’t! muwhahaha), I usually pride myself on my sewing-on of the bias tape, but the stitches are wandering all over the place. Stay put, guys. You’re making me look bad.
Nonetheless, it came together nicely and was fun to customize with the bias tape I made…I cut out the pieces to line the hood, but of course cut it out wrong so had to scrap that. My bad. Didn’t cut out the fabric right sides facing.
The pattern is fabulously and clearly written and has great info and tips for sewing with the terry cloth towels. I highly recommend it. 3 stars. Var nice.


  1. That is just too cute! :)

  2. I love the colours – very cute!

  3. So adorable :)

  4. Very cute! I’ve been thinking about making one for my daughter! So far (till this one!) the only pattern reviews I’ve seen are people making them pre-release. I’m glad to hear that the pattern is so nice! :)

    I recently bought a crochet pattern on Etsy and had to recrochet the item 3 times before it fit my daughter, and I was getting the right gauge. So I am a little nervous now about buying self published patterns!

  5. Cute! I want to make one for my 3yo since her sisters have them (you know how that goes- I bet your girls will be like that, too.) :)

  6. I just got tiped on your blog, and I’m glad to…
    You DD looks so cute in that swim robe… love it….I really need to buy the thing so I can make my oown biastape

  7. Adorable – one of my favorite color combinations!

  8. So very cute. And I’m glad to see that you don’t have to line the hood–I like that you can, but I also think it makes more sense to have the towel against their (potentially wet) hair.

    And my bias tape sewing always gets a little skewampus… sigh.

  9. So true about little kids not keeping towels up! It’s fun to see the hood unlined too. :)

  10. So cute! The first time I saw Dana’s post, I thought it was too cute. Great job. Sadie looks adorable in it.

  11. Oh my God … She is so cute… :)

  12. Oh my goodness! This is so very cute! The pictures are absolutely darling! If I had the time, I would so make this :)

  13. Gorgeous! I made a robe a few years ago when my biggest small was little, and I have been meaning to make the boys one each for ages. This might just be the pattern that makes me do it.

  14. Gorgeous! I made a robe a few years ago when my biggest small was little, and I have been meaning to make the boys one each for ages. This might just be the pattern that makes me do it.

  15. So cute, love the bias tape! I would agree with you about the terry fibers just a crazy, I made four of them and my room was a mess to clean up. But so worth it the little ones just look so darn cute in them.

  16. Such a cute little robe and that first pic is just perfect!

  17. Super cute! I just finished my little man’s robe from Dana’s pattern, too! I promise not to look too closely at your bias stitches if you promise not to look too closely at my left sleeve! To those who commented about nervousness regarding patterns, Dana’s patterns are always amazing and come out awesome every time! We’re practically neighbors…maybe we could swap sewing stories sometime during the garlic festival!


  18. This is great! I’ve still got to make one for Olivia. Although she just goes in the little pool in our back yard. :)

  19. So cute! And Sadie is such an adorable model! Think I’ll have to buy and try this pattern on Hanna. I love your blog :)

  20. So, so cute! I made one for each of my four kiddos. Though I had a terrible time with the bias tape around the curve of the ties, didn’t turn out so nice, but I didn’t care much :). How did you get yours to look so nice? I must know, did you just pin like mad??

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