pink peasanty top

Ooh lala…I whipped out the awesome faces for you guys this time. All joking aside, don’t be jealous of my posing skillz. 
I made this peasanty top the other week-I even drafted my own pattern for it! And it fit! Miracle of miracles. I got the cotton lawn on a loong while back.
Just keepin’ it real. I am no model guys, so feel free to chuckle at this face. I did. Whenever the camera comes out, I can’t be held responsible for what my face does.
I do like the two rows of elastic stitched to the inside, spaced about an inch apart. It kind of added a grecian look to the top. (as grecian as pink polka dots can be) I sewed some bias tape to the sleeves, too, they’re not elasticized. So anywho…it’s a fun addition to the wardrobe…and way comfy too.


  1. Your poses always make me giggle but only because I can totally relate.

    What is the fabric treatment for lawn? Hand wash? I love the top, it is the perfect color!

  2. Very pretty top- I like the spaced elastic. Don’t worry about the faces- you look adorable!

  3. I love it! Is there a tutorial coming? (please please! I am not great at figuring it out on my own yet.)

  4. Very cute (and, of course, I love the faces!)

  5. Love the faces! I can only imagine what mine would look like if I knew I was posing for a blog post as popular as yours! This top is adorable, great work.

  6. Hoping you’re going to do a tutorial for this one. It’s so cute and very practical.

  7. Very cute love it.

  8. Hey, I think I got that fabric for part of the Baby quilt! That means its super cute!! :) hee hee! I love it! And the Sa-weeeet faces!! :) Love and miss you guys!!

  9. You are too funny. I do not like pictures of myself so I was just cracking up. I love the grimace face. You are awesome! The shift looks so comfy. That is the best!

  10. tutorial pleeeeeease//??????

  11. Nice-a! You do look like a greek goddess in this pink polka dot lovely. SUrely the greeks would have worn pink polka dots if they could, right??? A really nice fit on you!

  12. Awesome!! Love the pink polka dots! You did a great job with the fit!

  13. I love the fit of the top as well. Also, I think the bias tape on the sleeves is a great idea ’cause I hate elastic on my arms!
    For a totally different kind of sewing projects, check out Noelle’s HUGE undertaking at

    Scroll down to photos of her Laurel Feast. She made nearly everything you will see. Especially look at the pavilion, the pearls, the detailing, the shoes and the amazing awesomeness!

  14. So cute, and like others have already said a tutorial would be great! :)

  15. I’m giggling right now, and it’s not because of my silly kids, it’s that FACE! (I love that top – looks like something I would actually wear – pink polka-dotty and all!!!)

  16. So very cute. I made a very similar top for Breanne yesterday (with similar photos taken, haha, silly faces), which I’ll post soon, probably.

    It looks like you did a normal bodice top with sleeves, yes? I should try it like that next time, maybe. I did raglan sleeves, and they’re cute, but it might be nice to switch it up. I’d never thought to do a normal bodice though–do you just make it extra tall and wide? Or how do you accommodate fore the gathering?

  17. Cute shirt! I too can not be held responsible for my face when the camera is pointed at me.

  18. Can you share a tute?
    I really need some shirts and cannot find any to fit my chesty-westy-ness.

  19. P.S. Genius! As always.

  20. Please share a pattern. I love this, and it looks so comfortable!

  21. I’ve been wanting to try making a peasant top for myself all summer. Please oh please oh please let this be the next sew along!

  22. Your poses are WAY better than mine lol!! I usually take them myself with the 10 sec. timer on my camera….in my living room….standing awkwardly waiting for the flash to go off! Your shirts are so cute! I think you’ve convinced me to buy a pattern and try it!
    Thanks :)

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