magnetic snap tutorial

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how to insert magnetic snaps into a bag. It might be common knowledge, but I figure what the hay? It took about 5 minutes to take the pics, and if there’s one thing I love, it’s a tutorial. (things I also love: the X-Men, belts, and English accents)

This specific lining and snap was for Sadie’s owl bag. (last day to enter the Pattern Play giveaway!)

You’ll need: 
a set of magnetic snaps (if you don’t have these this tute is kind of pointless) You can get them online or at Joanns.
small square scraps of felt
lining of your bag

First make two marks on your lining in the center, and about 1″ from the top, equal to the spacing of the two tines of the magnetic snaps. Then cut two small slits with your scissors at these spots.
Push the tines of one piece of your magnetic snap through the two slits.
The back. (stunning photography, eh?)
Then cut out a small square of felt and cut slits in that too, and slip over the tines as well. (I don’t know if I’m calling those things the right name. oh well!) 
Also put the little metal piece that comes with it over the tines.
Then simply use the metal part of your scissors to push the two tines over to the sides. (edit: or to the middle, as one reader mentioned might be stronger…your preference!)
Repeat for the other side and you’re done!
Well la-dee-freaking dah. You’re donezo with this part! Continue sewing up your bag and enjoy your fabulous magnetism.


  1. No, seriously, I assumed they were hard and have been sewing in snaps- so thanks! I’ll give them a go x

  2. You have impeccable timing Jess!! Just about to do a bag for a friend that has these. Thanks : )

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Nice to know – thanks for sharing <3

  5. good to know! I’ve actually always wondered how to do these.
    side story: and I also love english accents (in fact my husband is from there and has one) and when we met I could barely understand him, but went on a date anyways because i liked how he sounded and he was hot.

  6. I’m a beginning sewer, and was wondering how to do these. Thanks!

  7. I, like some of the other commenters, am a beginner sewer and I never know how to insert the magnetic clips!! This little tute was great. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. I always assumed these were really complicated to put in, but you’ve made them look like a piece of cake. I’ll definitely use them in the future when I make bags :)

    Oh, and I’m from England and have a nice posh English accent! Haha so even if you can’t put a face to my comments at least you can put an accent to them! x

  9. I totally needed this! Thanks Jess! (And I love the X-Men too!)

  10. A little tip – these are a lot cheaper for some reason in the purse making section of Joann’s than in the sewing/fastener section!

  11. Thanks for the tutorial! I have had magnetic snaps for a while and never got up the guts to try them!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I was approached by a guy with an English accent at a frat party at college. I immediately thought he was faking it, and asked to see his ID. 😉 11 years later, we’re about to celebrate our little girl’s first birthday. I’m a little bit sad to say that I don’t notice it any longer! It was pretty dreamy during the dating phase, though!

  13. It’s that easy? hmm. I might as well try.

  14. Something I’ve found in installing these is that they rip out if you bend the prongs outward. The fabric may stretch or whatever, but eventually, the snap can wriggle out of the fabric. I began bending the prongs inward after that…also, when I was taking apart a purse one time (store bought) the prongs were bent inward. The tute is great! Wish I’d had this when I was trying these out for the first time a couple years ago!

  15. This sounds so simple! I def want to use them now. I always assumed they’d be difficult. Thanks!

  16. OH my word! I just discovered your blog and I LOVE it!!! I’m learning how to sew and you have some fantastic tutorials!!!

  17. I also thought they would be hard until I put my first one in. Now I keep a backup incase I should need one;0)

  18. Just “liked” them on Facebook! :o)

  19. Great tutorial and the pics really make it easy to understand.

    I second bending the prongs inward. It will make the bag last longer.

    Also, some people like to treat the slits like button holes or treat it with fabric glue. This will also reduce ripping due to wear.

    I like to line my prongs with plastic canvas.

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