my museum tunic

As my Facebook buddies know, I spotted Anna Maria Horner’s awesome museum tunic tutorial last week and had to try it asap. (edit: via Carolyn‘s blog, thanks!) I had just gotten my first cut of voile (sad I know), and cut it up for this cute tunic! I got my voile here, it was pretty inexpensive actually. Voile is usually pricier than quilting cottons.
I did end up lining it because it was just too sheer. Which took away some of the wonderful drapiness of the voile, but oh well. It’s still a super comfy shirt! It might make me look a tad bit pregnant though. I’m not, swear.
In the tutorial, she uses a “panel” of her fabric, and I couldn’t find those measurements, so I had to try and figure it out. My panels were 12″ wide, and 52″ long. Just in case someone was wondering. I stitched the elastic on the wrong side of the shirt like she did in the tutorial, just with a zig zag stitch. Worked great!
Rory was kind enough to take these pics for me. I am sooo awkward when I “model”.

And yet more proof. Well, enjoy my nerdiness, and new top!


  1. You are pretty!

  2. so nice to see you making something for yourself. x

  3. You look cute! I like the tunic!!
    Hugs from Brazil!

  4. ahhhahahahhahahaha – I know exactly what you mean! If only I had a professional photographer around to take natural looking photos of me, instead of these awkward posed ones…lol

    You look great, and the top came out fabulous!

  5. Love the top!
    Love the hair style too! I can never get the braid right when I do my own hair!

  6. i really like this top, the styling can be dressed up with a skirt or down with jeans, very nice

  7. You look adorable! I just wanted to say a big thanks for the amazing tutorials and information you share every week. I am just finishing the Anna dress. I am amazed at how many new and exciting things you create. I’m sure a lot of time and hard work goes into each and every tutorial and I just wanted you to know that I appreciate it. BTW, your hair is really cute in the pics. Thanks again.

    A fan,

  8. Very cute! And love the hair braid!

  9. Oooh, chickie I love the top (and the braid!) – I was just looking for something comfy to make – this is perfect! And dont worry about dorky poses, it helps me not be intimidated! 😉

  10. That is daaarling! :)

  11. Hooray for some “selfish” sewing. It turned out great!

  12. Yay!! It looks so great! And don’t worry, I make totally crazy faces too in the pictures…I just feel so ridiculous taking a picture of myself. Fortunately, I then go back and cut my head out of all the pictures…problem solved :)

  13. What a very cute top – you look great! Don’t worry about the modeling, I have yet to even post a photo of myself on my blog for this very reason.. :) Maybe some Pez will do the trick? 😉

  14. Very cute top! I feel your pain about the ‘modeling.’ I just took pics in my newest dress today and I felt like such a goof. Maybe I need to make my mannequin cuter so I can just use her instead. 😉

  15. Super cute! I’m an awkward model too. I actually managed to look like a mannequin in the shots my hubby took of me in the dress I made the other week, and by mannequin I mean, my hands were doing that weird mannequin thing. I’m not sure how that wound up happening, but clearly my like of a size nothing waist is not the only thing holding me back from a modelling career.

  16. *lack, not like, of waist…. I should really proofread my comments BEFORE i hit send.

  17. You are so pretty, cheesy posing and all! I love it! The top is great too. Good job!

  18. Great job! What a fun fabric! I haven’t tried voile yet though I snagged some on super sale at I like your hair braid and I don’t think your poses are awkward though I know 100% how that feels. :)

  19. the top looks great and way to go sewing for yourself! i rarely do. and i know what you mean about modeling – i usually crop my head out because i always think my husband takes photos when i’m making weird expressions. it’s HIS fault, right?! 😉

  20. Lovely job on the tunic. The print is very nice, as well. Hooray for making something for yourself. I finished up one of these last week, too! Instead of the elastic, I did a few rows of shirring, which was a first try for me with that technique – yay! Mine has the same “look a little pregnant” issue with the front as yours does. Glad to see I’m not the only one.

  21. I see that you are wearing a camisole under the top, but how did you get the neckline to not be so deep like in the tutorial? Just sew up the two strips further? I’m far too modest to wear the orignal as is and that would be alot of cami showing, but yours doesn’t seem to be as deep. Thanks for sharing. :)

  22. You look so cute! love the hair girl! Also the top looks great! I’ve been wanting to try this so it was great to see you make one!

  23. so cute! I love it that you finally made something for yourself!!

  24. Super cute Jess. You look great!

  25. 1. The tunic is fabulous.
    2. You are adorable :)

  26. Love the pattern! Love the name for it :) Esp. since I’m a museum studies student and intern!

    Mus(eum)ings: Musings from a Museum Intern

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