the cutesy top

I really don’t know what to call this one…you could call it the “copied-a-shirt-I-thrifted”, but that doesn’t have a good ring to it. I could also call this “the shirt that was supposed to fit me but didn’t so my sister got to have it” shirt. Either way, it’s pretty darn cute, and my sis looks pretty darn cute in it too. Hence the cutesy top. Darn her and her cuteness!
Like I said, I thrifted a shirt that was just like this one, so I drafted a pattern for it, (silly me should have enlarged it a bit, cause the shirt I bought was a tad bit tight) and whipped one up last Sunday. It really didn’t take much time to sew up, and was quite fun to make! It has some elastic around the waist so it’s really comfy, and little gathered sleeves with some delicate bias tape trim around the sleeves and neckline.
I’ll definitely be trying it again, this time fixing my pattern a bit.  😉  The fabric I got here.
Flower clip from here. 
Sadie joined in for some pics with her aunt Nae Nae, after some nervous hair twirling. Uh, kiddo, you spend lots of time in front of the camera, no need to be shy! lol.

I gotta admit, I prompted this photo…I knew it would be a good one. 😉


  1. I love it. It looks so adorable. Wish I had your talent.

    Have a wonderful day

  2. Love this! Such a fun fabric and perfect fit. Love the last picture too.

    I did the same thing with one of Ansley’s shirts; I didn’t account for the fact that it was a little small. Lesson learned. :)

  3. I love this top. And it does look darn cute on your sister. I would love to see your pattern!! Thanks for sharing these awesome pics!!

  4. Oh my gosh! How cute! It’s incredible that you made this shirt and all these other things! You just don’t hear about that kind of stuff anymore… I’m definitely going to check out your store! Loving it!!!

  5. So cute! I need to get more brave with making clothes for myself.

  6. that is a very cute shirt!! your sister looks great in it. i really like the fabric you chose, thanks for linking to it. i think I might buy some to make a top for me. any chance you’ll be doing a tutorial?

  7. Definitely a cutesy shirt :)

  8. That is adorable! I’d love to see your pattern and how you made it!

  9. This one is totally fun! I love those elastic’d empire waists… it brings me up a visual cup size and the bottom part hides the poochiness :) Perfect shirt to copy, I love it. Looks like your sis will get good wear from it!

  10. Oh, that last photo is definitely my favorite :)
    Such a cute shirt (and a cute sister!). She lucked out on this one!

  11. Oh cutey cuteness that is a super cute shirt! Great work. And I love that last picture, good idea on the prompting.

  12. This top is SOOO cute!!! I love when you say you just “Whipped it up one afternoon” like it’s nothin! You are my hero. LOVE the fabric too! And Janae, you’re a babe!

  13. Thanks for sharing your passion. You have encouraged me to unleash me creativity,I will enjoy trying some of your work.

  14. Really cute, Jess. Love the slight sleeve pouf, and I love that fabric.

  15. LOL that last photo is hilarious!

    I love that style of top..very cute without being i-cut-up-two-tshirts-and-sewed-them-together. or I-sewed-two-rectangles-and-called-it-a-shirt.

    has a feel of a renaissance princess. but then, i know from your tutorials that you have a beautiful penchant for detail.

    looks very cute. would love to look at the pattern pieces, just to see what shape to cut the bodice.

  16. Jess-

    Looking through all I’ve missed on your blog during the move/internet-free time since we’ve been here makes me feel infinitely behind. And so impressed. You have made SO many things! And they are all lovely. :) I’m especially in love with the gray top in this post and the adorable ric rac flowers. So much to love. Hooray hurrah for finally being connected to the interwebs again so I can try and keep up! Well, or at least read what you’re up to more frequently. :)

    Katie :)

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