Incomparable Buttons giveaway-20 winners total!

 I have an awesome company to share with you today! (and a giveaway, hooray!) 
Incomparable Buttons (blog here, website here) is a company based in South Africa, and they make-didja guess? Buttons!
Fabulous hand crafted buttons. Each button is handmade and then dried in the sun. They are then meticulously hand painted and then fired at a very high temperature…….making them washable and dry-able and durable.  Each button is completely unique! You can even see their thumbprints on the backs of some of the buttons. These buttons are made with love by the Sunshine team:
A group of dedicated woman, who in some cases, are the sole providers for their families. Isn’t that awesome?
Jen Pascall is the founder of this amazing company and is so sweet to boot. (everyone at the company is so nice, they must do something to their water, hehe!) Jennifer hopes to see Incomparable Buttons grow larger so she can employ more of the local women who are needing employment.
Here is just a small sampling of what they have available and some ways to use their adorable buttons!
I love how they added some creatures to this cute embroidered scene-it really brings it to life!
These sheep are just flippin’ cute.
Everyone could use some teeny tiny flower buttons! Perfect for clippies or baby dresses!
I love this embroidered grid with all the different buttons! The scissors are my favs! and the turtle…and the cupcake… and the….you get it. They’re all cute.
Incomparable buttons are found in stores worldwide.  Check out their store locator here, to see if there are buttons available near you.  They also take online wholesale orders (here) and are more than happy to help you fill a retail order if there are no buttons available in a store near you, by contacting them through email (  
Oh, and did I mention they ship out orders to anywhere in the world?  yay! They have a few warehouses worldwide that they ship from, and you will be happy to know that their shipping prices  are very reasonable.  They are not out to make a profit on shipping. What a great quality to have in a company.  They are happy to help with any sort of questions.
So here’s the fun part: Incomparable Buttons is giving away twenty winners of twenty button cards. That’s right, 20 winners! The buttons they’re giving away might look familiar-they are giving away 20 sets of these super cute flower buttons I used on Sadie’s shirred top! (which includes one more lilac button by the way)  Ah-mazing! you lucky loos!
**Entering is a bit different than some of my past giveaways…….so take note.
Anyone from anywhere in the world can win, as well as previous winners.

Here’s how to enter to win:
(**Please note: You must enter in a separate comment for each entry.)

  • Head on over to Incomparable Buttons and leave a comment on this post of theirs here. You could tell them how you would use the buttons if you won! Then come back here and leave a comment here, letting me know that you did so.    
  • Head on over to Incomparable Buttons (found here) and “follow” their blog. (The “follow” list is on their left sidebar.)  Then come back here and leave a comment, letting me know that you did so.   
  •  For one additional entry (you must complete the other ways to enter first) hop over to their Facebook page, “LIKE” them, then come back here and leave a comment, letting me know that you did so.

3 different entry possibilities.
20 winners! 

This giveaway will be open for a whole week (until Thursday, June 2nd) , giving you ample time to enter.
Good luck!


  1. I’ve had your blog bookmarked for quite a while – I love your sewing projects! I’m looking forward to trying out some of your patterns/ideas this summer with my 5 year old granddaughter…and those clothes would look great with some Imcomparable Buttons!

  2. Love the cute way you used the buttons.

    Cathy of Bestlovedchild

  3. I already follow their blog and now I follow yours too – what a good day!!

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  16. I told them about how I really LOVE the little bird buttons! My daughter is a major bird lover and these would be so sweet on a dress for her!

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  58. I can think of so many ways of using these, so darn cute! Am pleased to know about them, and have left a comment on their blog.

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  66. Thanks for the posting of a wonderful give away. I love what you do with your crafts, it’s also awesome. I pick up a lot of ideal from what you post.. The girls are just simply beautiful and the dresses are awesome. Thanks again for the giveaway. Best of luck everyone!!!!!

  67. what a great giveaway, and I love what you did with your buttons! I commented on their blog post

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  70. What a great blog you have! I love your creativity. I love the baby dress with all the buttons. I have been to Incomparable Buttons and left a comment. Their button company is wonderful!

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  90. just posted a comment on theirs – what a find thanks for sharing – I knit a lot and buttons are always challenging to find – so thank you!

  91. OI just left a comment on their blog thanks for introducing us to this great company! Here is the comment I left : These buttons are so cute. I love how they fit with this top. Would love to win a set.

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  96. Hey Jess – thanks for emailing me! I love Incomparable Buttons – they have teeny tiny buttons, too (God only knows how they paint such tiny things – I’d be shaking hoping I didn’t screw them up)!

  97. I did comment on Button Mad post yesterday, then jumped over to your blog but this post hadn’t posted yet (boy that sounds confusing!), so yes, I posted over there.

  98. I “like” them on FB. Really, I’m a big fan! I can’t wait to order – I’m still trying to figure out which buttons I’m going to get!

  99. I’m a follower of Button Mad blog. I am still thinking about which buttons to order….love the ones you are giving away, but that hedgehog – love it, too. And I’m doing some underwater embroidery (an underwater scene – not that I’m actually under water when I embroider!) and the teeny tiny flower buttons would be great for some fun embellishment!!!

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  122. The buttons are so cute! I love the way you can dress up clothes and so many other things with them!

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  124. Commented on their blog post. Some many great buttons, so many ideas. I love the flowers you used, but I am personally excited about the great boy buttons (dinos, turtles, cars, etc). So hard to ‘fancy up’ boy clothes.
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  128. I have left a comment at incomparable buttons which I follow. Your little one is so sweet in that top. The buttons just set it off. I would probably use mine to embellish some quilting.

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  203. I would embellish a sweet clutch with them. Or create something awesome to wear just to match the buttons.

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