the girliest dress-KCWC

So I got a late start on my KCWC-I started a day late-but I was able to whip this up last night after (sorta) unpacking from my trip to Utah! (more on that another time)

I used this pattern, which I found out about via the Elsie Marley blog-so thanks Meg, for the tip! It was a quick sew-but one problem-no zipper or buttons, it’s supposed to slip over the child’s head. Only my kiddo has a 90th percentile sized head, so that didn’t quite work out for us. I cut the back in half and added an invisible zipper. No biggie, but I wish it had a better way to fit easily for large noggined children.

FYI: I cropped her head out of the pic cause she was whining and fake crying and wanted to take a nap. (she insisted on the photo shoot, I swear!) We’re out of Pez, so a couple of white chocolate chips did the trick and she is now snoozing away. 😉

The main fabric I got at Joann’s a loong time ago and can’t find the selvage for, and the ruffle and tie fabric is from Joel Dewberry’s Modern Meadow line, from my sponsor Lark Cottons!


    Love the fabric combo. So adoreable!!!

  2. Love the ruffle. Very cute, you sewing maniac!

  3. Ooh it is SO cute! Ansley’s head is in the 90th percentile too. (and her body is is in the 35th ha ha).

  4. It looks lovely, Jess. My favorite color combination these days.

  5. Such a cute dress! (but I have to tell you that I totally want to see her whiny face :)

  6. Beautiful. Gorgeous colors. I think whiny-face kid pics are funny. I got all excited when you said no buttons and no zippers, but alas! Big heads run in our family too. Guess I’ll pass. It’s seriously adorable though!

  7. Absolutely adorable!! You are a rock star!

  8. LOOOOVe this dress!! Love the colors, love the fabric, love the RUFFLES, love the girliness!! I love it all!! So cute!!!

  9. Ooooh SO girly! I love that you whipped it up before you unpacked! We had so much fun too! XOXO

  10. So, so cute, I love it!

    I want to know who balances out the head-size scale–my kids are also big head-ers, and I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone whose kids had smaller than 50th percentile. So where are the little head kids?

  11. So cute! I love it, you are so talented =D

  12. What a fun dress! I love that little ruffle at the top. And I’m totally impressed that you cranked that out in one night. Especially after traveling with the crank-meister. :)

  13. YOu are indeed amazing pulling that off in one night fresh in from traveling! Great job! kristy from

  14. Hi,
    My name is Hagar and I’m the maker of this pattern
    First of all, I think you did an amazing job. The dress looks lovely.
    Regarding the head opening, I really appreciate you mentioning this problem and I will be sure to fix it.
    So thanks again for this very important feedback.

  15. well, you made it work and it’s awesome! my 2 yr old’s head is in the 115 percentile. Didn’t really know it was possible to go over 100%. But even store-bought knit shirts have a hard time going over her head, so it must be true. My other daughter has a head in the fifth percentile, for the lady wondering about small heads :)

  16. So cute, Jess. I love the fabric combo and that it ties in the front. I’ve got excessively large headed kids myself :)

  17. For ME? Oh, you shouldn’t have! You can send it to me at this addresss:


    It is a great dress, good job!

  18. i seriously LOVE this fabric! the dress style is super cute too.

  19. I actually just picked up this fabric at Joanns today. I wish we had fabric stores like AZ and CA. Thanks for blogging. I love it.

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