another Boden knock off

Prepare yourself, that’s all I have to say. I have so many kids clothes pinned over on Pinterest that I am dying to knock off. Such cute inspiration! Such as this adorable top.

I loved the shirred neckline, and since I had just found this video on how to shirr on a Brother machine (you who have Brother machines know it’s not easy nor does it always work) so I decided to give it a try. I also had the perfect fabric for this top sitting around. (which, sorry, I have no remembrance of where or when I got it. lol)

So I cut out a peasant shirt pattern (Vanessa’s to be exact, I love her sleeves!) lengthened it to be shirt length, serged, folded over, and sewed the top part, sewed on a faux placket (if you look closely at the boden shirt it has one), and tried shirring!

I’ve only tried it once before with horrible results. (bad Brother, bad!) so this time it went relatively smoothly. Except my machine made some nasty shrieking noises-I was afraid for her life at a few times, but she pulled through. I did 6 or 7 rows-and what really made it shrink up was steaming it with my iron-worked wonders and really tightened the elastic up.

Now how’s about those buttons? Adorable right? They are from my sponsor, Incomparable Buttons. They sent me a bunch of fantastic buttons to play with and I’m having fun finding the perfect projects for them! These little flowers matched my fabric perfectly, so of course I had to use them!



  1. Another cute outfit. Nice to hear you solved you shirring problems. She is so cute your daughter…

  2. You are very clever to add that faux placket. Makes a world of difference to that mini boden knock off dress. It looks like another top altogether now! Now you have motivated to try shirring. Great work!

  3. Aghhhhh! Too cute!!

  4. That’s adorable. And I love the fabric you used. Lovely!

  5. Hello! Quick quesiton: when you say you like Vanessa’s peasant top pattern, are you referring to the indietutes tutorial that she links in her post? I really want to try this top and the miniBoden dress knock off. Would the Sweet Little Dress pattern work? I’d rather just buy a pattern for cheap instead of trying to make my own (Yes, I think I am a little lazy)

    I really enjoy following your blog, btw. All of your projects are very inspiring! Thank you!

  6. Okay, so this is going to have to go on my list of things to make. Brilliant!

  7. Yours is better, I love it….Inspired

  8. Cute, cute, cute!! Really liking that faux placket!

  9. so cute Jess.

  10. AAACCCKKK!!! Love it! That fabric made me smile, and the buttons made me smile bigger :)

  11. Adorable!! Simply adorable!

  12. SOOO cute. I still haven’t tackled the “shirring with my Brother” problem, though I really should with summer coming. I love that fabric, too! Adorable.

  13. I’m officially jealous of your button collection! and great idea – I LOVE shirring – I have a husqvarna and it;s sooo easy to do. way easier than elastic casing. thanks for the idea – I’m pinning it!

  14. Such a cute top! And I am super excited about all your upcoming knock-offs! I kept seeing all your Children’s Clothes pinned on pinterest and was secretly hoping you were going to try to make knock-offs of them!!

  15. Love how the flower buttons on that shirt! Your shirring looks great. I had another epic failure and have retired from sewing for a little bit. :)

  16. This came together so well. I love the shirring.

  17. Cute fabric, cute pattern, cute buttons! This shirt is adorable Jess. I am totally impressed. :)

  18. I’m all for the knockoff Boden stuff. I love their clothes, but wowza, not paying that much for them or the $10 shipping. I do order things from them from time to time, when I cave.
    Thanks for the nudge on this one…I might be able to do it!

  19. Oh man your pinterest is full of gorgeous gorgeous things (have seriously just spent well over an hour just staring at the loveliness) and that shirt is lovely (though it just makes me want to try for another baby and get myself a girl- bad idea!). You’re not able to send me an invite are you (shameless cheekyness, I’m sorry!!!)?

    I’m at ayyessbee @ hotmail

    <3 Andrea @ Bunny and the Boys

  20. Absolutely love it! Ruby definitely needs one of these, have never tried shirring so might have to give it a go. Your posts are so inspirational.

  21. I find that if i spray the back of the elastic with a spray bottle then iron it on high steam that works wonders on pulling the elastic thread tight.

  22. So precious. I love it! I will definitely be giving this on a shot!

  23. this is soooo adorable jess, you are just a never ending source of cute stuff!!

  24. that is just too darn cute. nice work.

  25. Wow, Jess, great knock off. I love the buttons. Cute fabric, too.

  26. Love those buttons! :)

  27. Darling buttons! I would love to win! I came over from Button Mad and am glad I did! I used to sew everything for my children when they were young. I can’t find the link to follow your page.

  28. wow two more new sites about buttons, I cannot believe how much there is to learn and see

    marlib7 on ravelry

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