Stitchin’ Stash yardage giveaway!

****this giveaway is now closed**** 

Hey there! I’m back with another great giveaway from Stitchin’ Stash! She’s got some serious yardage she’s giving away today. Yay for fabric, eh?

One lucky reader will get 4, yes 4! yards of the fabric on the left (Scroll Flower Stripe – Red on Ivory), and one yard of the fabric on the right (Diagonal Daisies – Red on Ivory). These are prints from Loralie Designs, are light-weight cotton; and 44″ wide. 
So that’s a total of 5 yards! cool.
To enter: Leave a comment here letting us know which of the 3 Free Spirit Collections you like the best! (and would consider purchasing!) Just the corresponding number in the comment works! 
Please leave your email address so I can contact you if you win! Comments will be open until Sunday night, April 10th, when I’ll draw a winner. This giveaway open only to residents of US and Canada. Good luck!
1. 1) California Dreamin’
2) Calypso Swing
3) So St. Croix


  1. Oh how I love fabric! It’s tought o pick from those three collections but I really love the colors in #1 California Dreamin’. Those are the colors of summer to me and I love them!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m loving purple right now on baby girl so I will have to pick 2 :)

  3. Oh, I love #1 California Dreamin’, the colors are fantastic.

  4. I love the funness (I know not a real word, but I say it anyway) of #1. California Dreamin’. I could see some fun summer outfits for my daughter out of that stash.

  5. I love #2!

  6. Oh, I love #1!! GORGEOUS!!
    I wanna win some fabric!! 😀

  7. I love #3! It’s so colorful and fun. I love the big paisleys and floral designs. Very pretty.

  8. I Love Love Love the California Dreamin’ Collection! I want all those gorgeous prints in my own “Stichin’ Stash”!!!:)
    ashleypaitsel (at) yahoo (dot) com

  9. I love love love number 2

  10. I love california dreaming — it’s been in my cart on numerous occasions but I’ve resisted as I haven’t got a project in mind for it. But then I see it again and think that I could find something to do with it for sure! thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  11. So St. Croix (3) is “so sew cute!”

  12. I love #3. Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to win some fabric!

  13. Love the California dreamin’….so ready for summer!!!,


  14. Loving the Calypso Swing!

  15. I’ve got visions of little girls peasant skirts from #1! Gorgeous colors!

  16. Gotta go with California Dreamin’. Great colors!!

  17. California Dreamin’….
    What a great giveaway! Red and white or red and ivory are my favorite combos–I’ve got everything crossed :)

  18. Lovin #1!
    rachkatt at

  19. #1 for sure!! Love it!!

  20. #2 – gorgeous! Love all those fabrics!

  21. Ooooo… hard to decide! I’m going to go with #3. Love those florals for my girlies! Thanks for a great giveaway! :)

  22. as much as i like california dreaming, it is slightly to bright for me to wear/carry. i look much better with the more subtle colors of calypso swing.

  23. ooooh! #3 is lovely!

    ramie_amy at yahoo dot com

  24. I like them all! But i think that in my spring frame of mind right now that I would choose the California Dreamin. :)

  25. Oh I love California Dreamin’, the colors, the patterns, makes me eager for summer!

  26. Oooh, everything is so pretty! I would pick #1, California Dreaming, because the colors and patterns are amazing and also because I’m in serious need of springtime! (It’s still cold here where I live).

  27. california dreamin all the way!

  28. What an awsome giveaway. I have to say I am loving California Loving. The bright and fun colors just drew me in.

  29. Gorgeous! Thank you!

    Of the 3 I think I’d go with #2 Calypso Swing. I recently had the privilege of seeing something made from these fabrics and WOW! They sew up beautifully! The bold prints are so unique too!

    Thanks again for the fun!

    three4me_4now (at) yahoo (dot) com

  30. I’m a California girl so I’ll have to go with #1 California Dreamin’.
    I’ve actually had my eye on it for a while, I’m just waiting for a super special project to buy it.


  31. I love the Calypso swing! Gorgeous fabric!

  32. I love the California Dreamin’ collection, especially for spring!


  33. Ohhh I would absolutely use the first group of fabrics…they are so bright and vibrant. Crossing my fingers on this one.

    Thanks for the giveaway…

  34. Loving #1!
    bakkernk at gmail dot com

  35. Lovin’ the so st. croix! My daughter would look great in some of those paisley patterns for summer!

  36. I’m in love with #1- CA Dreamin’! So bright and fun! I’m crossing my fingers!!!

  37. Hey 😉
    I would defenitly go for the 1st group- california colurs! spring arrived and those colours are going well with it!
    cheers Nell

  38. like most of the comments i love the california dreamin’ as well. the colors are super sunny and make me happy =0)

  39. Ohh #3 3) So St. Croix looks awesome!

    ingalls(dot)laurieg (at ) gmail(dot)com

  40. it’s so hard to choose which one… #1 makes me think of summer, but i love (2) Calypso Swing all year long! so i vote for #2!


  41. So hard to choose, they’re all beautiful! But I’d have to go with #3 So St. Croix! Thanks for the giveaway!

    greenletterday at yahoo dot com

  42. Calypso Swing, definitely! Love the colors!

    jrichstad at gmail

  43. I love the California Dreamin (#1) collection! They are so bright and pretty! Springy or summery!


  44. I love number one!

  45. #1 California Dreamin!

  46. Number 3, I LOVE paisley!

  47. I’ve been on such an orange craze these days!! I’d definitely go for #1, California Dreamin’!!!

  48. Oh I love them all! If I could only choose one though I’d choose #3.

    beckyfdavis at comcast dot net

  49. I love them all!

  50. I like them all but I’m drawn to #2 today. :) emmillee(AT)gmail(dot)com

  51. I LOVE the So St. Croix. Thanks for the giveaway I always love your giveaways.

  52. Just a hard decision, since I love all fabrics. But I would pick #3-So St. Croix. Thank you, Boo

  53. Wow what a great give away! Love the ivory and red. I also love number two, the designs are so intricate, they are just beautiful! Thanks.

  54. I love the geometric shapes of number 2. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  55. Jennifer says:

    They are all beautiful collections although my girls would love dresses from #3 So St. Croix. Thank you for the giveaway.

  56. #2

  57. So much great fabric! I would buy #1

  58. I would buy #1! Really cute colors for my daughter.

    ekgatzke (at) gmail (dot) com

  59. I always always enter fabric giveaways and have yet to win one! Crossing my fingers here!

    Oh, and I think California Dreamin’ is very nice. Though I really don’t think it’s fair for you to make us pick…

    ardeannadoornbos at yahoo dot ca

  60. I love #2 Calypso Swing & would buy it! You can never have enough fabric, right?

  61. I really like #3! Very nice :)

  62. I’m having a hard time choosing between #1 and #3, but I think California Dreaming has got to be the winner!
    Thanks for the chance to win and enhance my stash!

  63. I’d go w/ 1 or 3. Couldn’t decide. :)

  64. California Dreaming all the way! I have a project in mind that would be perfect with those prints…VERY tempting!!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  65. #3 is definitely my favorite! has me dreaming of summer! :)

  66. Not usually a purple chooser… but its calling me! Definitely going with #2!

  67. My favorite is #1

  68. Collection 1 for sure! Love the oranges, especially! Thanks for the giveaway!

  69. Being new to sewing, I LOVE this giveaway! I’d consider purchasing #1 for SURE!

  70. I would without a doubt pick california dreamin! I LOVE those colors! ps. great giveaways today! (I need to build my fabric stash)

  71. Woohoo! I have such a hard time picking between 1 and 2…but I think I’d have to pick 1. I’m a pink girl at heart :)

  72. #2 Calypso Swing Love the deep jewel tones! i love sophisticated prints on little ones!

  73. california dreaming all the way! it is so fresh and beautiful! it makes my mouth water!

  74. Oh My GOODNESS, 2) Calypso Swing, took my breath away, it’s the most beautiful fabic I have seen in a long long time! Wow, wooooow!

  75. I love the second collection! What a fabulous collection!

  76. gotta go with #3! But I absolutely LOVE the giveaway fabric!

  77. Oh wow! That is beautiful fabric! I would totally go with number 1.


  78. California Dreamin. It doesn’t hurt if you are a born in California girl too. :) sewcando(at)yahoo(dot)com

  79. I love #3! I’m addicted to anything with teal! :)

  80. I would choose #1 I love the summery (is that a word? oh well!) colors!
    seemesew84 at gmail dot com

  81. OMG!!!! # 1 is perfect for the summer. Lesley (

    Thank you :-)

  82. Tough Choice, I like California dreamin’ for my daughters (anything! decorations…clothes…blankets!!) but I like st Croix for my family room! I could really use it for throw pillows and wall canvases :)

  83. I love California Dreamin’! I have been on the hunt for a collection in those exact colours to make a quilt for my daughter, I think I just found it! adriennespornitz (at) gmail (dot) com

  84. Oh my goodness I love them all! I think #1 is my fav. because it’s so Summery and I’m ready for some warm weather!

  85. Defiantly #2 it goes with my daughters room perfectly! Can I buy this somewhere?

  86. Love #1 California dreamin’! It would be perfect for a quilt for my baby girl! :)

  87. I love #1 it reminds me of summer .It would make some pretty dresses for my two pretty granddaughters.

  88. i’m gonna go with #2 :-) Thanks for the giveaway!!! I’m crossing my fingers!

  89. #1 all the way!

  90. Hands down Calypso Swing! Purple is my fave color!
    sagittmama at gmail dot com

  91. I’d pick Calypso Swing, but they are all very nice! Thanks for the chance to win.


  92. I love #3 – those colors are already scattered through out our house!

  93. I love #1!

    jennyrshultz at yahoo dot com

  94. I LOVE # 1. Looking at it makes me feel warm and summery in a place where we still have a ton of snow.

  95. Have to toss a coin for this one – they are all great! Okay the coin says #3, loving the paisliness (I know it’s not a word) to the pattern. #1 was a real close 2nd with the vibrant colors.

  96. # 2 calypso swing. I love me some purple.

  97. I really like the California dreaming!

  98. #2 is my fave! I can imagine so many different things to make with those patterns.

  99. I love number one!

  100. #1 for sure! love the happy colors.

  101. I seem to be with everyone else, I love #1. But fabric is fun no matter what. I’d love to enter the contest.

  102. #1 I love all the colors in them. So fun to make a dress out of!!

  103. I adore the second group of fabrics! They are beautiful. :)

  104. I love them. So hard to pick. I like number 1 best I think!

  105. I love them all but I think coming up to summer, number 1 will be my choice.


  106. They are all beautiful, but 1. California Dreamin’ is my fav. Love the fresh bright colors!
    jillrenee (at) charter (dot) net

  107. I really do love them all and it would depend on the project and who I was sewing for but California Dreaming I enjoy a bit more.

  108. I love the California Dreamin’ collection…such beautiful summery colors!!!

  109. Oh wow, those are sooo pretty! I would pick #1 California Dreamin’, but #2 is a close second!


  110. All three collections are beautiful! My favorite would have to be #3 So St. Croix. Its SO beautiful!

  111. Number 1 is my favorite – the fun things I could make for my little girl with all that color – gorgeous!


  112. So. St. Croix for me! I love J. Paganelli :) mamalusco at ortelco dot net

  113. Pretty much in LOVE with #3. I have a serious fabric hoarding issue, but when a project comes up I’m always prepared :) I’m afraid my girls summer wardrobe would come out of that collection!

  114. I’m lovin #1! Just looking at it makes me smile!

  115. Love them all but love #2 most! :)

  116. Number 1


  117. I love #3, I can already see the workings of a pretty dress for my little girl.

  118. I am in love with the California Dreamin collection! The fabrics are so bright and fun and I can think of some super cute projects to do with them!

  119. They are all so pretty! I would probably pick #2 because I don’t have very much purple fabric!

  120. I would totally love to buy #2 the Calypso swing collection, I love all the different patterns and the beautiful purples!

  121. I’m really liking #2. The giveaway fabric is so pretty too.

  122. says:

    Love, love, love #3. I can just imagine any one of my 3 granddaughters in any of the prints.

  123. I love number 1!

  124. I like California for my daughter, Calypso for me, so I’ll have to vote for #3 St Croix since it’s got a little of both.

  125. #1 for sure. I am/will always be a Cali girl and I love those bright colors. BTW thank you so much for all your Barbie clothing tutorials. I would love to have some of the great fabric to make my dolly’s dolly some new duds.

  126. #1, I could totally see matching dresses for my girls.

  127. Beautiful fabrics! I love the 1st collection the most,
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  128. I am a California girl to the core, so #1 for me please!

  129. All are beautiful but #2 is my favorite. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway.


  130. I made a quilt for my oldest daughter with California Dreamin’ in a different shade. I’d love #1 to make my newest daughter one. They share a bedroom and would have the same, but different, quilts!

    Thanks for the chance!

  131. 2. I usually dont like purples but this really caught my eye

  132. I’ve always loved the California Dreamin’.

  133. Awesome giveaway! My favorite is #2. I am already thinking of ideas :)

    Lindsey M.

  134. I am loving #1 the California Dreamin’ line! My freshman year of college, my roomate and I painted our dorm room pale yellow and accented it with blue and green. All of the girls on our floor liked to visit our room because it reminded them of sunshine.
    courtjparks (at) gmail (dot) com

  135. I like the Calypso swing, but I’m a sucker for purple.

  136. I love group number 1. Thanks! Jhales_finance at yahoo dot com

  137. I like the calypso swing! It’s very pretty!

  138. #1! #1! I love it so much!

  139. Tough decision. I love 3 and 1 both.

  140. Love fabrics and lofe the Calypso Swing collection! sonja greene at very verdant dot com

  141. I love #2!

    larissaesq at gmail dot com

  142. I would so pick #1


  143. I love love love number 3!!!

  144. Totally 100% number 1

  145. I love the So St. Croix collection, I have just about every piece of it bookmarked.

  146. Oh I LOVE the first one!!! Super cute!

  147. I like Number 1 best – more unisex! Thanks for the giveaway. ms_sunshyne at yahoo dot com

  148. I love number 3!

  149. Really like #3 – St Croix

  150. I love, love, love the California Dreamin’ #1. I can see a quilt of it thrown over the back of my couch, I totally can!

  151. 1) California Dreamin’
    looks like candy to me!

  152. OOOoooo! They are all great! Hmm, I guess #3 is my favorite.

  153. OOOH! I love number 1!!

  154. They all look pretty but I like #1 best!

  155. I love the the colors in th first collection (California Living)! So bright, fun, and cheery!

    Charity Boehm

  156. I usually go fro bright colors, but I love the black and purple. So I would go for the second one. Calypso Swing.

  157. I love #3!!!

  158. I think I like number 2 best (although number 1 comes in as a very close second!)
    dvdenter (at) gci (dot) net

  159. I really like collection #1!

    mojomamablog *at* rocketmail *dot* com

  160. California Dreamin’ is my favorite! :) Partly because I’m dreaming of California’s sun with these dreary rainy days, but mostly because it’s so bright and colorful and reminds me of spring!

  161. That’s a tough one but I love how rich the colors are for Calypso Swing. They’re all gorgeous though!


  162. 2 Calypso Swing..Yup Definitely

  163. California Dreamin’ of course!

  164. Brittany says:

    Definitely California Dreamin’ – I am addicted to those bright colors!

    Love your blog!

  165. Number 3 is just AWESOME!!!

  166. Anonymous says:

    Number 1 California Dreamin’
    I love the colors. :)


  167. Tough call between one and two but I think I’ll go with one.

  168. Wow Jess, I just love the #1,really, really
    I’m sita Gilly from

  169. California dreamin’!!! What gorgeous fabric!!!
    xo maureen

  170. i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, California Dreaming~

  171. WOW – that isn’t an easy choice … only one? Well, I guess I would have to pick the California Dreaming – so sunshine like!!

  172. So cute! Love California Dreaming!!


  173. I would buy #1 California Dreamin’ because I have 2 little girls who would love things made from this one…but I love paisley and floral things for me so #3 is actually my personal favorite :-) julielromero at comcast dot net

  174. If I HAVE to choose, I pick So St. Croix. cltrash at ymail dot com

  175. I absolutely MUST choose #1- California Dreamin’!! Not only is it my fave song by the Momma’s and the Papa’s, but it now holds the title of the MOST ADORB FABRIC EVER!!! THANK YOU so much for sharing!!!

  176. Emily W says:

    I love the California Dreamin’ line!!! And my imagination is just running!!! :) Girls skirts…. place mats…. some cool little pouches for an infinity of things…. gifts.
    anyways, the list could go on. So, thanks for the giveaway and I’m loving what you are posting!!!! :)

  177. I like number 2 the best!
    annarebeccasmith at hotmail dot com

  178. I like the California Dreamin the best because it’s so springy and cheerful but I would probably also have to get Calypso Swing to make some things for my nieces. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  179. Cassandra says:

    I like the California Dreaming line – the colors are so spring and summer! My email is

  180. Anonymous says:

    I am so torn but gonna have to go with #1 just because it screams Summer to me :) Thanks for the chance to win!


  181. Wow, such a hard choice, but I love the BRIGHT, fun, summery colors on the California Dreamin’ collection.

    caitlindye (at) yahoo (dot) com

  182. I love the california dreaming collection!

  183. Anonymous says:

    #3 so st croix! how pretty

    Wendy B

  184. #3 St. Croix is really cute! I love the colors.
    coryrain at gmail dot com

  185. I love #1! Its so bright and colorful!


  186. I love California Dreaming #1

  187. Number One . Apricots, blues coral and spring greens are a favorite for all the little-girl outfits Ive been making. Thanks

  188. I’ve actually been eyeing #2 because I just got some purple linen for a skirt and need a couple cute shirts to go with it! :)

    sweetwatercloth at gmail dot com

  189. I love the colors/pattern in California Dreamin’!

    swanfam at comcast dot net

  190. I love #1, but I think ibwould pick #3 as I’ve had my eye on it for a while!

  191. I forgot to put my email

  192. #1 california dreaming!

  193. OK, #1 this is an awesome giveaway, yay!!, #2 how super cute is calypso swing?! i love it!!

  194. I love the #1 collection!

  195. So hard to chose…I think I’m already addicted to all three, but if I must choose one I think that I’m in the mood for 1!

  196. i love California Dreamin (#1), colors are beautiful for spring & summer!

  197. I like #1!
    reggity at sbcglobal dot net

  198. I’m in love with #2!

  199. i really like number two!!!

  200. it’s hard to choose!

    but my favorite is #1

    fun and happy summer colors!


  201. I am liking California Dreaming (pick #1).
    My email address is

  202. Definitely #2 Calypso Swing. I have loved that line since I first saw it!

  203. #1
    chandradawn [at} yahoo d0t com

  204. I love # 1. my favorite colors and designs!

  205. I’m loving all of them but I’m gonna have to pick #2 :-)

  206. I like #1 California Dreamin’. Love your giveaway also, and your blog, so I just became a follower.

  207. What a great giveaway!!! It’s sooo hard to choose which one is the best. I’d probably mix and match from them all! HA!
    But if I’m forced to choose…probably #1. I love the patterns and colors.

    harmonymarquardt at gmail dot com

  208. oooh, california dreamin’ (I think… I love all of them!). :) kojodesigns AThotmailDOTcom

  209. oooh, california dreamin’ (I think… I love all of them!). :) kojodesigns AThotmailDOTcom

  210. oooh, california dreamin’ (I think… I love all of them!). :) kojodesigns AThotmailDOTcom

  211. oooh, california dreamin’ (I think… I love all of them!). :) kojodesigns AThotmailDOTcom

  212. oooh, california dreamin’ (I think… I love all of them!). :) kojodesigns AThotmailDOTcom

  213. oooh, california dreamin’ (I think… I love all of them!). :) kojodesigns AThotmailDOTcom

  214. oooh, california dreamin’ (I think… I love all of them!). :) kojodesigns AThotmailDOTcom

  215. oooh, california dreamin’ (I think… I love all of them!). :) kojodesigns AThotmailDOTcom

  216. California dreaming looks adorable! Thanks :)

  217. Calypso Spring! mfsbailey at gmail

  218. I love # 1, California dreaming.
    mnrridgeway at gmail dot com

  219. all of them!! but i am going with number..2.. wait..3,,,hmmm ok 2 :)
    suezneal at gmail dot com
    great giveaway!!! thank you!

  220. California Dreamin for sure. Love the bright, bold colors

  221. Fabric addict here telling you I love the 2nd one but will probably look to buy more of the line because it is oh so cute.


  222. I would pick #1 since I love bright colors.

  223. I love #2….The colors go together perfecly! Can’t go wrong with purple (my fav. color!)

  224. I like number one!

  225. #1 by far is my favorite!


  226. Anonymous says:

    #1 is my fave…..

  227. These are ALL darling- I could find uses for all 3! But.. I think I’m mostly a fan of #1.

  228. My favorite is definitely #1! All of them are adorable though.

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