Paper Coterie giveaway!

****this giveaway is now closed**** 

I’m so excited to share this brand spanking new company with you guys, called Paper Coterie. They have some gorgeous products available, serious eye candy! I had a blast just browsing away looking at all the lovely colorful things they have to offer!
They have fabulous bright and cheerful growth charts:
These Table Setting recipe books-a perfect hostess gift!

That is, if you go to fancy shin digs where hostess gifts are applicable…I don’t go to many.

and these A to Z books you can personalize for your child.
They also have dozens of other products, such as personalized photo cards, journals, mini albums, calendars…lots of cute things.
I can’t decide which item I will choose for myself! Oh bother. Do you want this problem, too?
Well 5 of you will have it!! 😀
Paper Coterie is giving away 5 coupon codes that are good for ANY one item for FREE, not including shipping. Sah-weet!
To enter: Leave a comment here telling me what you might pick out if you win! Check out your options HERE. Please leave an email address so I can contact you if you win. Comments will be open til Sunday night, April 10th, when I’ll then pick the winners. Good luck!


  1. Wow! They have some really fun stuff. I think if I won I’d pick an A to Z book for my daughter.

  2. I would definitely pick one of those custom books…maybe the a to z one to fill out with pics of both kids. Super cute!

    jones.amanda.m (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. I love the alphabet growth chart! Thanks for having such great giveaways!

  4. Those custom books are SO cute! LOVE IT! If I win, I think that would be my pick 😀

  5. I’m torn between a growth chart, a journal, and the Family coilbound book.

  6. That’s so cool! I would definitely pick a recipe book (probably the silverware pattern) because I’ve been meaning to print up all of the recipes that I’ve been inventing lately.

  7. I really like the Polaroid prints!

  8. I love the A to Z book. It is adorable!


  9. I love all the growth charts, they’re too cute!

    greenletterday at yahoo dot com

  10. I love the A to Z books! My daughter would love it!


  11. I love the idea of the “Prompt Me” books. I could definitely use some reminders to document these precious days!


    stephaniewildman (at) hotmail (dot) com

  12. Poloroid poster. That way all four kids could be in it and see it.

  13. I would pick the know your ABC’s growth chart!

  14. i love the growth charts! they are all adorable! monkeyshinersbaby at yahoo

  15. Very cool stuff! I think I would pick a growth chart for my little guy. :)

  16. Very cool! I like the books! emmillee(AT)gmail(dot)com

  17. I love the custom books. Thank you, Boo

  18. Loving the growth chart!

  19. Awesome! Their stuff is great! I would definitely do one of those A-Z books. I’d let my 8 year old take the pics for a book for his almost 2 year old sister.

  20. I adore the recipe book! It would make a great bridal shower gift

  21. Courtney says:

    I have been looking for a growth chart for my little girl and there are a lot I love on that site! I have looked before but I have never found anything I really loved.


  22. I would put a calendar together for my mom with pics of her grandkids and kids. We’re moving soon and it would be a nice “see you later” gift.

    ardeannadoornbos at yahoo dot ca

  23. The A-Z book would be sweet to give to my daughter.

  24. LOVE the groth chart and would probably pick that – seems better than using door trim! but i love the A-Z book too!

  25. I’m in love with their growth charts!! So awesome!

  26. The A to Z books are adorable! What a great new shop!


  27. i would pick the “oh Baby” book! for sure!

  28. I really like the prompt me book, as well as the heart shaped collage poster.

    By the way, your “check out your options here” link isn’t working. I had to click on the link at the top of the post.

  29. I would grab one of their adorable growth charts or ABC books! So cute! Thanks Jess!


  30. these growth charts are adorable, I would get one for my daughter’s room. She’s already 4 months old and growing so fast! :)

  31. Everything is beautiful! I think I’d choose one of the A to Z books, awesome!

  32. Forgot to leave my email! :)


  33. Because I collect ABC books I’d have to go for that!

  34. I am loving the silverware spiral bound cookbook!!

  35. I love the @ book! I want to make one for each year for my boys!

    plannedimprovisation at gmail dot com

  36. I would make an A to Z book for my boys! So cute! jennyrshultz at yahoo dot com

  37. Love the swatchbooks! I am that bad mom who has no brag book in her purse and this would be a perfect way to finally get one!


  38. I have worked with Shutterfly alot by I am soooooo excited about their books and growth charts!!! How Cute.
    Edra Chamberlin

  39. The kids ABC book looks so cool!!

  40. I would choose the growth chart!

  41. I think I’d choose an A-Z book for my son. Lots of great choices! Thanks for the giveaway! marij4 (at) gmail (dot) com

  42. Such cute stuff! I would probably pick the Best of Friends book to take to college with me. So cute!


  43. I love the graphics on the I love you album, but everything on there is wonderful! I would definitely have a hard time picking! Thanks!

  44. All of their stuff is fantastic! I think I’d choose the ABC book – what a great idea to photograph things in your own home and make a book out of it. My daughter would love it.

    Thanks! jennifer(dot)hill82(at)gmail(dot)com

  45. So many great options!! I would probably have to go with the cute boy A to Z book. How fun!! dianejjarvis(at)gmail(dot)com

  46. I love the abc growth chart. I’ve been wanting to get one for my little boy. Thanks!

    kiersten.k at gmail dot com

  47. Hard to decide between an A to Z book and a growth chart. Thanks for the chance!
    beckymac1 at hotmail dot com

  48. I like the A-Z book, I would totally get one of those!

  49. I would get a growth chart for my daughter!

  50. Ooh, I would definitely be going for the A-Z book. And I love that you can mix and match your own pictures with the pictures they have on file. Super cool.


    Thanks Jess!

  51. Gosh it is hard to choose! I like the recipe books and the growth charts are awesome!

  52. I’d love to make a calendar for Mothers/Father’s day coming up! Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!

  53. Jennifer says:

    I would choose the AtoZ girl book with pictures of my daughter holding items A to Z. She would so love that!

  54. I like the book of abc’s

  55. I adore the Know Your ABCs growth chart!


  56. I love the growth charts, actually everything is fantastic.

  57. How cute! I would love the A to Z book. What a cool idea!

    inspiredrd @

  58. I’d get the Book of ABC for my nephew!

  59. I think I would pick a book to make about the kids or a recipe book. We love to cook together! thanks for the chance!


  60. I think the growth chart would be best for me and my boys!!

    mojomamablog *at* rocketmail *dot* com

  61. Definitely the A-Z Book for my Boys. Maybe with extended family pictures so they can stay connected.

  62. This is me again, I forget the email: Thanks again!!!

    …”What a lovely designs!!!
    I just neeeed one wall coil calendar “garden party”, that’s my choice if I win.
    Thanks Jess. Kisses”

  63. Hi Jess! First time commenter- daily lurker!! :) Love this new shop! My daughter is turning 5 next month (*sniff*) and I would love to make her the @5 book! Thanks for the opportunity!

  64. The A to Z books are a great idea. My son would love one.

  65. Definately the A to Z about me book! What a terrific company…thanks for the giveaway!
    xo maureen

  66. The A to Z books are too cute, but I love everything! Great shop, thanks for the giveaway!!

  67. The ABC book…so cute :-) My almost 2 year old would LOVE it!!! julielromero at comcast dot net

  68. I love, Love, LOVE the “Growth Charts!!!” SO ADORBS!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  69. what a great give-away. i’d pick the @ book. so fun.

  70. I love the grow charts and would get one for my boys!

  71. a-z book for my kids.:) love it!

  72. This site is so cool! And what an awesome give-a-way. I love the Spring Growth Chart for my little girl.

  73. I really like that A to Z book..and how nice to not have to make it myself!! Yeah!!

    Thanks for hosting these giveaways…very cute things!!


  74. I like the A to Z book!

  75. I love the all about me book!

  76. How fun! The A to Z book looks fun!

  77. definitely the photo books!! i love the “hopes & dream” crossing my fingers for a win :)

  78. Those growth charts look fantastic

  79. I love the abc about me book for little kids idea! I so want to do this.
    chandradawn {at[ yahoo d0t com

  80. I LOVE the polaroids! We’re stationed in Jersey & our family is all in North Carolina, and friends around the world, so our walls are covered with photos!!!

  81. Oh my! Thanks Jess for finding this wonderful store for me! I would love so many of their lovely items… hard to pick just one. But since we are in the process of decorating my 2 1/2 year old Marina’s bedroom, I would def get her a growth chart. Now if only I could pick with one!!! :) is my email if I am lucky enough to win!

  82. I am so glad I came across this! It’s a lot of the same stuff BHG carried before it closed. Love the fly a kite growth chart and the about a girl book! mfsbailey at gmail.

  83. I would like one of the growth charts.
    mnrridgeway at gmail dot com

  84. My comment disappeared. UGH! Anyway, I would love a growth chart or a book. I love the polaroid idea too! So many to choose from!

  85. I would pick a growth chart!

  86. I would get the Big Day one :) What a cute idea!

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