floral headband tutorial

 Need the perfect touch to your new outfit? A beautiful floral headband is the answer!
 Want your own massive head decoration?
Read on!

You’ll need:
piece of 3/4″ elastic cut to your child’s head measurement
piece of fabric cut 2.5″x that measurement+half the measurement.
First, sew your fabric together into a tube.
Then insert your elastic into the tune using a safety pin.
 Pull through and sew the end of the elastic with the end of the tube with a zig zag stitch.
Pull the other end of your elastic through and sew it to the zig zagged edge.
Then fold under the raw edge 1/2″ and pull it over the other end, then sew it together.
Hack off remove your flowers from their stems.
Then hot glue them into place! I also added a few oversize felt leaves. (I ended up changing the position of the lower ones. They were just a tad bit in the way, ya know, a little obtrusive.)
Tada! Gorgeousness. Perfect for church or a park play date. Or a bee farm.


April Fools.



  2. I’m really hoping Jamie is right.

  3. Definitely perfect for a bee farm!! ;D LOL!

  4. ohmygosh. i was thinking this canNOT be serious and then read on and there was a full tutorial. i started thinking this craftiness is not optional is definitely losing her credibility. good thing this is april fools!

  5. I love that it’s just so elegant and tasteful. I might need one to wear to weddings this summer. Only the black tie ones though, of course.

  6. I know it’s for April Fools, but I think would be super cute to add to my daughter’s dress up collection!

  7. LOL…too funny. Sadie could actually pull that little number off :)

  8. Courtney Lee says:

    Phew….I kept thinking..”Is she serious?!?!”. Lol. I love your blog! I have gotten so many great ideas from you. Thank you for making my days more interesting :)

  9. Oh boy! You got me! I was wondering what is she thinking with those huge flowers on her child, she can hardly see! ha ha.
    It looks as if Sadie doesn’t even mind them though.

  10. Soooo funny!!! I love it! Just what I need when I go to the bee farm. 😉

  11. Hahaha! Nicely done! Oh and congrats for winning One Month to Win It. I loved your last craft, very cute!

  12. I knew you had april fools in your blood!


  13. LOL you had going. I agree with above that it would be cute for dress up. 😉

    Congratulations on winning One Month to Win It! Love the fabric puzzle blocks and going to make some myself.

  14. I thought you went off the deep end here! Hilarious! At first I thought “Oh that poor child..” Haha!

  15. thought so!

  16. Good one!

  17. This made my day…really. I cannot believe you went so far as to write a tutorial with step-by-step instructions! And Sadie with messy hair and everything…love it. Have a great weekend.

  18. buahhhhhh ah ah ah hha hah ha ha ha ha ha! That is awesome! Although, thanks for the step by step tute, my sara saw it and said momma a flower crown, will you make me one!

  19. This one actually fooled me, because it wasn’t so over the top crazy. But I was thinking that these headbands did not seem like your style at all.

  20. I bet your little darling actually really likes this headband. All little girls like to feel like a fairy princess! Which works if you live in Texas, right?

  21. Ginny just saw this and she wants one, too.

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