Tie One On Me Day 2!

Day two of Tie One on Me! Kalleen is showing you how to make this super cute apron today!
Check out the tutorial HERE. 
Isn’t that fabric so cute? Not to mention her kitchen/plates/everything in this pic.
Speaking of fabric and aprons-I got an email from reader Kaylee yesterday with this pic attached:

 She made this super cute half apron for her gardening! That pocket is awesome, and yes it’s made with the apron tutorial I just posted yesterday! She must have super seamstress powers. 😉 Love it, Kaylee!


  1. I have been reading your blog for a while now and I love it. Your girls are also so cute! I just have to say, I cringe every time I read the word “sewer” and wonder if you might want to change it to “seamstress” or something else because “sewer” is actually that place where all the stuff goes that you flush down the toilet. :) Great blog! Thanks for all the crafty ideas!

  2. I love all the ruffles! Adorable

  3. I have been wanting an apron for a long time now, thanks for the tutorial! WAHOO!

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