Rachel wrap round up!

You guys are super sewers! I love doing these sew alongs-it seems like you guys enjoy them so I’ll definitely try and continue them.
Enough about me, let’s turn the spotlight on you!
In no particular order, here are your Rachel wraps!
(click on any pic or link to take you to the flickr page)
Love the pink fabric and crisp white edge on this one!
Don’t these cherries have you wishing for springtime?
Love the bright bias tape, and look at that attitude! cute!
 by Brigitte
Those little ladies make me smile! and I love the little flowers.
Purple bias tape and polka dots? you had me at purple bias tape and polka dots.
both of these (obviously, same cute kiddo) by Katie
Check out her blog here-she made a knit version that is fully lined!
oh, and these ones too! Katie, you over achiever. hehe!
She made this cute PJ top from a vintage sheet. and a matching one for her daughter’s baby doll!

I just love these fabrics paired together-the reds are fabulous-as is that cute flower!
Kalleen made the sleeves wider and added yo yo’s-oh so cute, right? love that fabric!
I love the bright pink and green combo-wishing summer were here….
Pink and green! i’m telling you, winning combo. That, plus that adorable baby=can’t go wrong.
What a comfy cozy looking shirt, right? I adore those purple and pink donuts? flowers? whatever they are, they’re cute!
by bbqgal
And this adorable pink and red one (love that fabric!) was made by Very Verdant.
Rosalie Jane made this super cute pink and orange one  for her daughter!
Greta made these adorable matching shirts for her daughters-and pleated headbands!
Thanks to everyone who participated! I can’t tell you enough how happy it makes me to have people on board with this here blog. I am truly grateful for all your support, kind comments, and wonderful friendships!

phew. didn’t mean to get mushy on ya there. I just really like you guys! 😉


  1. Those all turned out so cute, I can’t wait to make one! (since I didn’t get to during the sew along because I didn’t get my machine back in time, and then things just got a little crazy. They always seem to!!)

  2. Awww!!! So cute!!!! Almost as cute as those babies!!!

  3. These are adorable Jess! I especially love that one with the cherries and the skinny bias tape. Super cute. But, of course, they’re all super cute. :) Thanks again for such a great pattern/tutorial! And thanks for the link!

  4. I also made one and you can find it on my blog. It turned out so cute and I loved the sew-along. I actually turned mine into a dress. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for showing mine! :) I can’t figure out how to change my name from the numbers and letters! Any suggestions? I can’t wait to make another one!

  6. Thanks for posting mine too!

    I am loving the puffy sleeves on the one by Crafty Cupboard.

  7. Thanks for posting my pic! Yes, we’re definitely ready for spring here! It was -6F when I was driving my son to school this morning and the snow has been on the ground here since early November. My kiddos have taken to wearing shorts in the house and drawing pictures of the snow melting. They are definitely ready for spring!! I think I am too!

  8. So fun to see all the different styles and fabrics. I didn’t get a picture posted but I’m almost done with one for my little girl. I only need to hem up the bottom. Love it, thank you!

  9. Thanks for making me feel better about my “scrubs” shirt. It’s so fun to see so many difference versions of the same shirt. I can’t wait for the next sew-along. I hope you are doing one.

  10. OOooh! I love these! I’m going to have to try my hand at making one! :)

  11. Thanks for linking my cozy wrap shirt! I had a lot of fun doing it and wanting to do another one right the way!

  12. Those looks so really cute!

  13. Here is C in her new shirt. This was a great project for big girls and little girls. Thanks… http://veryverdant.blogspot.com/2011/02/valentines-shirt-for-c.html

  14. Everyone did an amazing job. They are all adorable! Mine is still sitting by my machine about 2/3 done… I didn’t get it finished before I went on vacation last week. It’s at the top of my list to finish up.

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