market skirt

So I finally made a market skirt! It’s been on my to do list since the beginning of time. (ok, since I started blogging and found Dana’s blog) I made it with some super cute fabric I got from my awesome sponsor,  The Ribbon Retreat. (they have tons of fabric, not to mention their…ya know…ribbon!)

I also used some of the buttons my pal Katie sent me-they are the perfect color! 

I love how the skirt turned out and so does Sadie. score. 😉


  1. That is so super cute !

  2. Sadie has a fanclub here in Brazil! We love your pics!

  3. That came out so cute! I have had that on my to do list forever too. Maybe now I need to make some for my girls. :)

  4. Yay! I love how your skirt turned out. My girls have loved theirs, too.

  5. Love it! Completely adorable – this one is totally on my to do list.


  6. Love this skirt! You make the cutest clothes! :)

  7. so cute!!!

  8. Adorable skirt! I love the pockets and ruffles!
    Andrea @ Addicted2Tutes

  9. I’m trying to decide on an Easter skirt to make for my girls this year, and this one is on my short list. I love the polka dots against the white accents.

  10. Aaaah! This is super duper adorable Jess! I haven’t actually made a Market Skirt yet either (though I should), but one of my good friends made one for Olivia and it is one of our favorites.

    Oh, and–duh–super cute buttons. I really can’t tell you how super excited I am to see them being used! :)

  11. I love the Market Skirt. One year I made like ten of them for summer. Sew easy! Adorable as usual.

  12. ok, so did she grow in her nap? she looks so much older! too cute.

  13. absolutely adorable! I love the two front pockets! Your little ones are such cuties!

  14. The skirt is darling Jess! Sadie is looking so grown up, she totally looks like a little school girl!

  15. Love it! I really like the blue fabric. I’ve had this on my list since I discovered Dana’s blog about a year ago. :)

  16. This skirt has been on my list too – since I started blogging and quickly found Dana’s blog. I must finally make one this spring!

  17. That turned out so cute! Love it! :)

  18. It turned out beautiful! I also have that skirt on my to-do list from Dana’s blog. Did you use seersucker for the fabric or something different?
    So cute!
    the chambs at gmail(dot)com

  19. I used some quilting weight cotton, linked to in the post! 😀

  20. I have made this a few times. It is easy to make in all different sizes with measurements. I havent added pockets to any of them cause I love the look of the skirt without them. Yours is very cute!

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