well, they are cute in cotton!

Wouldn’t you agree? I whipped out some of my pleated headbands the other day in some scraps I had (you may recognize the patterns 😉
I also added some buttons and flowers to jazz them up a teensy bit, but I like them simple like this.
Simple is my middle name. (that, and Danger)

P.S. Hey Justin-consider this your shout out!…to explain….I promised my brother a shout out on my blog. He is a great brother-got all of his college room mates to vote for me on Project Run and Play even though they probably didn’t know what they heck they were voting for. lol!


  1. Darling! I think we might try these with our activity day girls. I think you have just become my all time favorite blog. You are amazing!

  2. These are adorable. I think I like them even better in cotton. Now I’m going to have to try to make some. The buttons are so cute!

    Still haven’t finished my Rachel Wrap Shirt, but I’m working on it:)

  3. Seriously why is everything you do so amazing?!?! These are SO cute! The blue one is my favorite!

    And where did you get those cute flower buttons?

    You are my favorite Jess!

  4. Ok now I REALLY need to make these! They are so cute!

  5. Ohhh – think I may even like them BETTER in cotton! So very cute!

  6. I love those! They’re adoreable!! To the list they go…

  7. Those are cute!! My nieces birthday is coming up, I would love to make her a set if pretty headbands!

  8. They are ADORABLE in cotton! So cute! :) M*

  9. adorable! love the buttons-perfect touch!

  10. Very cute in cotton. Sadie looks adorable in them.

  11. Super cute headbands. I really like them simple like that with the little buttons. :)

    Also, that’s really funny about your brother. What a champ.

  12. I actually laughed out loud at the thought of a group of college guys sitting on lap tops voting for that… it’s awesome!
    Love the headbands!

  13. Hooray for brothers and cute cotton headbands!

  14. Love them so cute! Go Justin, way to be a super brother!!

  15. Love it! I want to make one for myself!! So cute!!!

  16. Congratulations. You have pulled me out of my sewing funk. As soon as I saw these I jumped out of my chair (after I finished reading the whole post) and grabbed some fabric and my machine.

    I’m wearing it now!! And it’s soooo cute and sooo easy!! Thank you for another wonderful and adorable tutorial.

  17. I LOVE, LOVE these!! Super cute and I am going to make some this weekend…for me, my friend…my daughter…anyone who will stand still enough for me to slip one on their heads!!

    I am still working on my Rachel Wrap…this week did NOT go as planned, OH Well….maybe this weekend will!

  18. Love these headbands so much! Love the buttons! What a great idea!

  19. They are VERY pretty! What a way to add some extra cuteness to any dress?! I am going to try this as well! Love your Rachel wrap sew along. I had so much fun doing it. And oh, thanks for stopping by!

  20. SUPER cute :) and look gorgeous on your model :)

    Gayle xx

  21. Crazy Blog…. Something like this happened to me too. I about went nuts trying to figure it out. Go through your most recent individual posts… the formatting is probably off. Once you find the one that is off copy the info and delete and repost it. This worked for me. 😀

  22. Oh my gosh I just found your adorable headband on Pinterest and I’m in love! They are so cute and I’m so making one for my little one and my niece!

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