next sew along?

 I made this cute mini wraparound shirt yesterday (patterned after this one I made) and thought about making it the next sew-along! Since the Sadie shirt was so popular, I’ve been wanting to do another. :)

What do you all think?

yay? nay? yesiree doo bob? (uh…hah hah)

It boasts some cute pleated sleeves…

 and bias tape ties on the sides! I promise, it’s a very easy shirt. (or dress!) I’ll show ya how to adapt the Sadie shirt pattern to make this one. (super easy!)

 Here’s Sadie’s best model pose. 😉

and her best, “Mommy, I’m told!” (aka cold) pose. Cute huh?


  1. Too cute picture! Love the shirt too! Sounds like a fun sew along. :)

  2. This shirt is adorable, I am in! :)

  3. Your little model is adorable! I would definitely follow a sew-along. I keep trying to find time to go back and try the Sadie shirt too!

  4. Yes, please do a sew along!! I missed your Sadie shirt sew along…found your blog just recently and would love to make both these super adorable shirts!! Thank you!

  5. I’m totally in! Maybe it will get me motivated again!! It’s adoreable!!

  6. I’m in! Can’t wait to get it started! :)

  7. This is super cute! I’d love to do the sew-along. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my pattern right this time. Ha. :)

  8. A sew-along would be great!

  9. A sew-along would be great!

  10. A sew-along would be great!

  11. A sew-along would be great!

  12. A sew-along would be great!

  13. A sew-along would be great!

  14. A sew-along would be great!

  15. A sew-along would be great!

  16. A sew-along would be great!

  17. I was too late on the last sew along :-( so I would love to be part of this one. Sadie is super cute!!

  18. Super cute. Oh why don’t I have a daughter??? I should just make it for someone else’s little girl :)

  19. I’ve never made a shirt or dress like this before. So, of course I would like to try something new and would play along.

  20. I vote yes on the sew along. I’ve made kimono style tops before, but I love the pleated sleeves, and the sleeve length.

  21. I’m in! Let’s get started!

  22. I vote yay for the sew along! :)

  23. yaaaayyyy!!!! count me in!!!!!

  24. This will be my first sew-along!! I’m in!!!

  25. Yes! Sew along, please!

  26. I’d love to make this. How easy are the sizes? I’d love to make one for a baby girl who is coming into the world this June. Would I be able to figure out the dimensions, do you think? I’m terrible at that stuff.

  27. i would love to do this as a sew along, i have read tutorials for this type of top but never attempted it, it would be a great opportunity.

  28. You know I’m up for another sew along. Just say the word, and I’ll be there:)

  29. Gorgeous shirt and the model :) I’d love to join the sew along!

  30. Count me in! Sadie is too cute!

  31. Love the pictures. I sure miss when my kids sounded cute when they talked. Now they’re just kids. lol I was at the store before Christmas and a little girl was aksing for the ‘miss miss tree’ candies. She was so cute I was ready to buy them for her. LOL

  32. I would love to do this but without the pleated sleeve as a shirt for my son.

  33. I would love to try making this for my little girl! I already have plans to make the Sadie Shirt too. Let’s do it!

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