gift(s) for sister

 My family started drawing names for gifts last year, and on top of a big gift, we decided to have a few different categories to also draw names for.

Inexpensive gift, gag gift (always a fun one!), media, and handmade gift.

I was so excited to draw my little sister Julia’s name for the handmade gift this year. I mean, sorry boys…but girls are a little more fun to sew for. (grown up boys that is! little boys are fun-can’t wait to have one….though maybe I’m doomed destined to have all girls…)

Anyways…she just turned 13, so is loving all things teenager. You know, purses, accessories, etc!

So I made her a cute little Butttercup bag…(I am horrible at photographing black. Is there a trick?)

With a fun and bright pink lining!

A matching zippy wallet was needed, of course. I used Anna’s tutorial-loved it!

And every girl needs some hair accessories, right? These are made by melting the edges of organza circles over a candle (carefully!), and gluing together. Easy and so cute. :)


  1. Really gorgeous.
    Do you want to be my sister?

  2. super super cool, you have a lucky sister. :)

  3. Adorable! I love those patterns! I have a hard time getting good pics of black too! Lucky sister :)

  4. I love the lining in that bag against the black, and the wallet is adorable. Beautiful gifts, Jess.

  5. I love that purse and wallet! :) Cute fabric!

  6. Such a lucky! Very cute wallet and matching purse;)

  7. I Just love your blog! Love all your great ideas!


  8. That’s really adorable. I like your color choices!

  9. So cute! A very lucky girl indeed. I need to try making those flowers.

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