ringer tee

I actually made this shirt awhile ago but am only now getting around to posting it. I used this tutorial and loved it! 
It was a quick night time project using up an old shirt I never wore and some brown rib knit. Super soft and comfy! love it.
and that’s all I have to say about that.


  1. yay, I’m the first commenter! What’s better than a ringer shirt? Sadie in a ringer shirt! Super super cute, Jess!

  2. The shirt is so cute, but your little girl is heart-stoppingly adorable!!! What sweet pix!!

  3. I was just thinking I haven’t seen a cute Sadie picture for a while. I think I’m becoming a cyber-stalker! (If Sadie likes almost 2yo blonde Aussie boys, just let me know…)

  4. I know I’ve said this before, but Sadie’s hair KILLS me. Cute shirt, too.

  5. The ringer tee is so cute! I checked out the tutorial, and it seems doable even for a beginner like me! :-) And your daughter is just precious!

  6. She is growing so fast! Actually Id like to know if you know how to make something like that
    Answer me here or send me one email
    acdorrough @ yahoo . com
    Kisses from Brazil!

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