hey, all.

I’m back! Couldn’t stay away for too long, ya know? (though posting may be spotty this week)

We had a great Christmas, spending time with family and friends, and Sadie LOVED opening her presents. Really, is there any other option when it comes to presents? Of course she’s gonna love opening them! (and playing) The hit was her Aquadoodle…really it was a hit with everybody. I saw almost every member of my family stop and play with it throughout the day. lol! 

But anyways…I got some really fun sewing books:

The middle one; “Sewing for Dummies” (haha) was my brother’s gag gift to me. The joke’s on him though, cause I read through most of the book on Christmas Day and learned quite a few tidbits. I can’t wait to dive into the other books, but I will be quite busy in the month of January. Why? Well, remember that sewing related thing I was so excited and nervous about?
It’s called Project Run and Play!
I’m taking this straight from the site:
Project Run and Play is the blogger’s version of Project Runway, but for kids! Each week, the designers compete to create the best outfit (with a tutorial) based on a theme. A panel of “celebrity” judges awards them a score of 1 to 10, and then a reader’s poll is opened. Readers are allowed to vote once each week for the design they like the most, and at the end of the week, the score is tallyed. The winner is announced (and their tutorial is posted), and the person with the lowest votes is “sent home.”
Fun, right? I am so excited to participate in this! Only, go check out the other participants. 
These are some heavy hitters in the sewing blog arena. Now do you understand my nervousness?
I just hope I make it past the first week, at least. Oh please, wish me luck. :}


  1. Jessica I have found these amazing full cover bibs for Mason and Meg’s loves them. She wanted me to bring one home and show you to see if you can make more. But I forgot, so we will wait till next time, but I bet you could do them with no prob!! Hugs

  2. What a fun idea. I have to thank you for the Barbie tutor. My friend and I made a basket full of them for Christmas so fun and easy.
    Hey can we vote I would love to help you out can’t wait to see what you have going on.

  3. Wow! I am super excited for that! I can’t wait to see what everybody makes! Congrats too Jess! You are so talented you will do great and I’ll vote my head off for you! 😉 I promise!

  4. good luck! i am sure you will do awesome! your projects are always so great! 😉

  5. Wow! You are in some good company for that Compition! You are going to do great! Love all of your outfits that you have made for your daughters! Best of luck!

  6. You’ll do awesome! It is a major feather in your hat; you do realize you are considered one of the greats, right? I’m excited for you!!

  7. Wow! No wonder you were nervous… but Project Run and Play is going to be a piece of cake for you. You’re going to do a fantastic job:)

  8. Woo hoo!! You’ll do awesome!! You always do!!

  9. Looks like you had a great xmas.
    My girls had an Aquadoodle the one year and the youngest( at the time) had an accident on it! Oops!

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