Dear my kids pattern giveaway!

***This giveaway is now closed***
Happy (almost) New Year!!
Boy, do I have a fun giveaway for you today! 
Karen from Dear My Kids Easy Wear on Etsy is giving away  
3 patterns to 3 different winners! 
She has the cutest patterns-especially outerwear…these are some I’m eyeballing right now! Planning on trying the hoodie vest and reversible tunic sometime soon!

To enter, hop over to her store, check out the patterns, and leave a comment on this post telling me which pattern you might choose if you win! Easy as that. One comment per person please…we will have 3 winners though! woohoo!! This is open to everybody-you international reader too! The patterns are PDF files that are emailed to you-easy peasy!
This giveaway will run until next Friday when I’ll pick a winner. 😀 
Good luck all!
Here are the lucky winners!
and… Jennifer

Congrats gals! I’ll be in touch-good luck picking out a pattern-they’re all adorable!

Have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve!


  1. Love her patterns…all of them, but since I don’t do much sewing for little girls over here, I think my fav would be the unisex pea coat pattern.

  2. All the patterns are very very cute! My favorite is definitely the hoodie vest!

  3. Seriously in love with the Little Red Riding Hood Trench! Thank you for pointing me to this store! Fabulous!

  4. I love the shawl collar pullover! Great patterns! mfsbailey at gmail.

  5. I really love the pea coat, but I would probably get the warm hoodie vest since my daughter would love that one!

  6. So many beautifull patterns… my choice would be the “2 IN 1 REVERSIBLE PANTS- One side pocket, elastic band waist ”
    I don’t think my boys would like the dresses :)

  7. So hard to choose! But I love the cutie hoodies!


  8. Ok, I love the STYLISH KIDS COAT – Double breasted, peterpan collar, REVERSIBLE CUTIE HOODIES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS, and NEW-TRENDY JEGGINGS. Their patterns are SO cute!
    bfcourage at yahoo dot com


    The cutie hooodie was a close second though…

    hannigangirl @ yahoo . ca

  10. I would love a jacket pattern, looks so simple, I attempted a butterick kids jacket and its maybe still sitting on my sewing desk…

  11. I need the legging pattern, that one would make a big improvement on my girls closets! I have one who insists that jeans are no good. Only leggings. That and they have a bunch of dresses that are turning into tunic’s in spring. So this would be perfect!
    Love your blog. Thanks for all the cute and easy ideas.

  12. Wow. So many darling patterns. I really like the jeggings.

  13. I love the trendy unisex peacoat, but I think that all of her patterns are great.


  14. I love the trendy leggings. It seems as though we never have enough leggings that fit in this house in the colors that we want.

  15. They are all super cute! I would choose the hoodie! ADORABLE!! :)

  16. Hello,

    I would pick the Reversible Lovely Ribbon Jacket pattern. Good luck to ME!

  17. Either the pea coat or the reversible hoodie! :) Thanks! Happy New Year!!


  18. I would try the reversible tunic top or the hoodie vest. I really love them all.

  19. Hoodie vest!!! Definitely hoodie vest. It’s so hard to choose, but I’ve been working on a pattern for my own hoodie vest and how much time would this save me?! Why re-invent the wheel when you don’t have to! But all the 2-in-1 stuff is adorable… such a tough call. Can we change our minds at the last minute if we actually win??

  20. I love the warm hoodie vest.

  21. I already have a bunch of her patterns and have made the double breasted coat and love it! I would choose the wrap pinafore dress for my daughter, too cute!

  22. I want to make the shawl collar pullover. Looks so comfy cozy!

  23. Her patterns are great!! I’ve made some of them and own quite a few. I think I’d like to try the jeggings or maybe the little red riding hood coat. SO cute!!

  24. The reversible tunic top!!! :)
    By the way, you mean December 31, not January 31st, right?
    Love your blog!!! ^^

  25. I would lovvve to make this: LOVELY RIBBON DRESS / BLOUSE – it’s so adorable, I think my daughter would like like a little angel in it!

  26. Unisex pea coat!

  27. The Stylish kids double breasted coat is adorable! I also love her hooded vest! So cute!


  28. Definately one of the coats… them all, maybe the red riding hood, or the unisex pea coat is adorable! Thank you!


  30. I think the warm hoodie vest JUNIOR (so excited about the bigger sizes!!!)

    brookeali (at) hotmail (dot) com

  31. Those little jackets are adorable! I would love to win a couple of those!!

  32. Those little jackets are adorable! I would love to win a couple of those!!

  33. Those little jackets are adorable! I would love to win a couple of those!!

  34. Those little jackets are adorable! I would love to win a couple of those!!

  35. Those little jackets are adorable! I would love to win a couple of those!!

  36. Those little jackets are adorable! I would love to win a couple of those!!

  37. Those little jackets are adorable! I would love to win a couple of those!!

  38. Those little jackets are adorable! I would love to win a couple of those!!

  39. Those little jackets are adorable! I would love to win a couple of those!!

  40. Oh I love these. I want to get the little red riding hood and the warm hoodie! Cause tabitha needs wam clothes in Idaho so I need to stop making sun dresses!

  41. So hard to choose, but I think the Stylish Double coat pattern might be my favorite.

  42. I can’t decide which pattern I like best, but all of the coats are on my wish list now!

  43. I went over to the website to get the name of the shirt/dress with pocket above and that would be the one I would choose or the double breasted jacket…SIMPLY LOVe these…..

    Shannon Margaret
    shannon.margaret.brott @ GMAIL DOT COM

  44. I love the double breasted coat! So cute!

  45. I just added her shop to my favorites the other day!!! I love everything she makes but if I had to choose it would be the double breasted coat or maybe the lovely ribbon dress or… :-)

  46. Oh! These are precious!!! I am lovin’ the warm hoodie vest patterns! I think that seems like a piece of clothing I could wrap my brain around making….AND….something my toddler would get a LOT of wear out of!

  47. It’s so hard to pick just one! Probably the unisex shawl collar pullover so that both my son and daughter will benefit.

  48. Ooh! Such a fun shop! I especially like the Shawl Collar Pullover. It looks so comfy and versatile!

  49. I love the ribbon dress!

  50. Tough choices! I like the shawl collar.

  51. I’d love the pretty ruffled wrap pinafore dress! Perfect for my little one! :) Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  52. With two young sons, three nieces, two nephews and two more on the way, I can imagine the whole crew in the reversible cutie hoodies for our annual fall picnic at Grandpa’s farm!! How cute are those!!!

  53. So many cute coats! I really love the reversible lovely ribbon jacket.

  54. I love her pea coat design! What fun, thank you for the chance.

  55. I would love the unisex peacoat pattern, so I can make coats for my little boy and girl! Cute store!


  56. I love it all but I like Stylish kids coat the most!

  57. I can’t decide between the reversible pants and the reversible tunic! I love all of them though! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  58. I would choose the shawl collar pullover. Looks pretty easy to make and super comfortable for my little girl!

  59. I would choose the shawl collar pullover. Looks pretty easy to make and super comfortable for my little girl!

  60. I would choose the shawl collar pullover. Looks pretty easy to make and super comfortable for my little girl!

  61. I would choose the shawl collar pullover. Looks pretty easy to make and super comfortable for my little girl!

  62. I would choose the shawl collar pullover. Looks pretty easy to make and super comfortable for my little girl!

  63. I would choose the shawl collar pullover. Looks pretty easy to make and super comfortable for my little girl!

  64. I would choose the shawl collar pullover. Looks pretty easy to make and super comfortable for my little girl!

  65. I would choose the shawl collar pullover. Looks pretty easy to make and super comfortable for my little girl!

  66. I would choose the shawl collar pullover. Looks pretty easy to make and super comfortable for my little girl!

  67. I love the Stylish Kids Coat! All of her patterns are adorable, though!


  68. Love her patterns and would love to win the SUPER COMFY WIDE LEG CROPPED PANTS =)
    Thanks and great happy new year!

  69. I’ve been eyeballing at her pattern for sometime as well! I missed the sew along from another blog… Love to try to make this REVERSIBLE TUNIC TOP / DRESS !!! I know I probably have very little chance to win but won’t hurt to try!
    sun_qinli at hotmail dot com

    Anyway, if you do the REVERSIBLE TUNIC TOP / DRESS, please make it a sew along!

  70. LOVE this store!! I want the warm hoodie vest, and reversible tunic top/dress, and stylish kids coat for junior
    Thank you for pointing me to this site!!!

  71. I love the pea coat and the reversible cutie hoodie. My sister likes the pea coat better, but she will have to become a follower of your fantastic blog, because I want the hoodie. :)

  72. The pea coat is wonderful! I can see my two kids dressed adorably in them!! I love that this pattern is unisex since I have a son and a daughter.

  73. I would love to try the Unisex Warm hoodie.

  74. Happy New Year! Karen’s patterns are darling! I’m so in love with the Stylish Double Breasted Coat in the Junior 7-11 sizes. So classic and versatile, I can see making it in so many darling colors!

  75. Reversible? How cool! I love it! Happy New Year.

  76. I loved all of them but if I had to choose I’d choose the kids double breasted coat. That would be so fun to make!


  77. I would love to make the vest if I win…if not I may just have to purchase the pattern anyways as I have some fabric with that pattern’s name on it.



  78. It’s a tough choice but I think it would be the stylish kids coat. So cute!

  79. I love the hoodie vest and the wide leg pants look fabulous too…Happy New Year!

  80. Hi,
    I would love to win the hoodie vest for my little girl :)

  81. I like the cute little girls vest. so versatile!

    mattvaleiler at gmail dot com

  82. Wow, these are some cute patterns! I’d love to win the stylish kid’s coat and make one for my 1 1/2 year old daughter.


  83. oh…I want to try so many, but I think my top would be Jeggings for my 17 month old who now wears a 3t…she a big one but love those legs :)
    thanks for the giveaway

  84. I would choose either the 2in1 reversible pants or the reversible ribbon jacket. Although all of the patterns look great!

  85. All her clothes are so sweet- I’m torn between her jackets (love the unisex hoody, and the peacoat) or the unisex shawl collar pullover. Would LOVE to win one of these!

  86. I would definitely make the pea coat! I wear them myself all year long and I’d love to make some mini ones for the kids.

  87. I like the unisex warm hoodie jacket pattern.

    lixapopescu at gmail dot com

  88. I love all those little girl patterns, but since I have a boy, too, I’d pick the Unisez Warm hoodie pattern. Thanks!!!

  89. Love the Jeggings pattern, so cute! Actually I love all of them, I’d have a hard time choosing just one, might have to buy a few :)

  90. I love all of her patterns! I would love to make the pea coat or the hoodie jacket…. or the tunic top… I can’t make up my mind!

    What a great sale. Hmm .. maybe it’s time to get some buying done!

  91. They are all lovely but my favourite would have to be the Reversible Tunic Top, just gorgeous!

  92. So many beautiful patterns!
    I think the first one I would love to have is the “Me & Mom Super comfy wide leg cropped pants”…. My Miss 11 has already put her order in for some of those after reading over my shoulder just now!
    Thanks for introducing us to this great range. :)

  93. so many great patterns, I am seriously in love with the ME AND MOM SUPER COMFY WIDE LEG CROPPED PANTS MATCH SET and the REVERSIBLE TUNIC TOP / DRESS

  94. I really like the reversible hoodies and the pea coats. They’re all so cute!

  95. I love the patterns. The peacoat is especially adorable.

    annedemps (at) hotmail (dot) com

  96. def the shawl collar pullover! I had the opportunity to test this but was unable to so I have been dieing to get my hot little hands on it ever since!

  97. gorgeous patterns! im totally feeling the wide leg cropped pants!

  98. it’s hard to pick a favorite with so many cute patterns, but with 4 boys and a girl, i would love to have the uni-sex shawl collar pullover!

  99. Love the patterns! I’d like the Stylish Kids Coat or the Reversible hoodies. Thanks for the giveaway.

  100. well, it would have to be the Little Red Riding Hood coat. That cape is the clincher.


  101. I would love to have the hoodie pattern. So cute!

  102. the hoodie vest is soo cute, and the little red riding hood is soo adorable! Love DMK patterns!

  103. UNISEX SHAWL COLLAR PULLOVER please! Total cute and no more fear about buttons and co.

  104. I love the shawl collar pullover. Also love the hoodie vest… so cute! Thanks!

    klineca AT gmail DOT com

  105. love the cowl neck pullover pattern! i’d love to make one for myself too!

  106. How could I resist the warm hoodie vest? Scrumptious!

    This would be perfecr since I have a boy and a girl! So cute and warm for those cold winter days!

  108. The stylish kids double breasted coat is so cute! Just love it.
    So many darling patterns.

  109. the reversible tunic is cute! but so is the stylish coat…


  110. Oh, great patterns! I love the LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD TRENCH COAT!

  111. I can’t choose between the pea coat and the hooded vest. She has some really cute patterns!!

  112. so hard to choose! they’re all cute. i’m really liking the stylish kids coat and the reversible tunic top.

    thanks for the giveaway :)

  113. The likelihood of me winning is slim, so I bought the patterns that I wanted and not only was Karen incredibly kind, her patterns are so easy to read and are very thorough! What a pleasure it is to see patterns like this and to deal with such genuine people in the process! Great giveaway!


  115. Im so new to sewing I’ve picked the ones that look the easiest so it would have to be the reversible tunic top but if I had the courage to try something that wasn’t made with cotton it would be the little red riding hood coat – gorgeous.
    Lovely patterns x

  116. Those patterns are wonderful! I love to sew for my little princess. Now I have to hop over and check out all of her patterns!

  117. There were tons of super cute patterns. I really liked the hoodie vest the most!

  118. Love that shawl collar pullover – only wish it came in my size!

  119. Love the wide legged pant (esp. the one with the pattern in MY size too!)
    I had a really hard time deciding! She has so many great patterns!

  120. I’d probably get the hoodie vest…but it’s really hard to pick!

  121. I love the shawl collar hoodie

  122. Ooh, I am so excited to be introduced to this store. Her patterns look great. I would love to try the warm hoodie vest, for my daughter (actually, do they come in adult sizes too? ;-).

  123. I would love the Reversible Cutie Hoodie!!

    So much fun!!

  124. Love the reversible tunic/top. Cute patterns!

  125. Most definitely the unisex warm hoodie jacket!

  126. I love the reversible tunic and the cute bow dress! Thanks for the link to the site!

  127. I already have the warm hoodie vest pattern….LOVE IT! I am having a hard time deciding between the reversible tunic and the unisex shawl and the jeggings….love your patterns!

  128. Thank you for the giveaway, I would love the LOVELY RIBBON DRESS / BLOUSE if I win..thank you for making it international.

  129. I love the patterns -a great giveaway!
    Can’t choose between the stylish kids coat and the unisex pea coat, they would be perfect for my little girl.

  130. Oooh, it is tough to decide, but it would be between the ribbon dress or the ribbon jacket. Both are so cute that I may have to flip a coin. :)

  131. I’m loving the hoodie jacket. Sure hope I can win this one as I am sadly lacking in sewing for my little girl lately. Too busy sewing for my own etsy shop!

  132. Cute patterns! I like the reversible tunic the best!

  133. I love her patterns. I think I would choose the reversible tunic, and the reversible coat.
    lara3400 at sbcglobal dot net

    I even think I can make it. I hope I win!!!!

  135. What lovely patterns. Especially love the unisex warm hoodie coat – never thought to make a coat, but this would just be too cute to resist giving it a try. Thanks for the giveaway and introducing me to DMK!

  136. Love these patterns. I have some already, but I would get the shawl collar pullover. Thank you, Boo

  137. These patterns are too cute. I would definitely choose the Reversable Tunic Top, the Lovely Ribbon Jacket and The Stylish Kids Coat patterns.

  138. these are all lovely, its a hard decision but i really like the Pea coat and the little hoodies!!

  139. i love them all! they are so cute! i love the pea coat and the hooded sweatshirt the best though…

  140. They’re all so cute! I’m not very good when it comes to sewing clothing, but I suppose a free pattern would help my improve. The lovely ribbon dress or the hoodie vest please!

  141. Love the warm hoodie pattern!
    Very cute!

  142. I love the unisex peacoat, but they all look amazing.

  143. Wow there are so many great patterns to choose from! I would have to go with the jeggings.

  144. I love DMK patterns they just work every time. How did I miss the shawl collared sweater? Thats on my wishlist for sure!

  145. They are all super cute, but if I had to pick I would get the Reversible Lovely ribbon jacket. I would love to make these for my nieces.

  146. I love DMK! I’ve made two of her peacoats and I’ve gotten so many compliments on them. this time I’d choose the warm hoodie vest pattern!

  147. I think I would chose the lovely ribbon dress/blouse for my lil niece. such cute patterns!! thanks for the giveaway!

  148. I think I’d pick the warm hoodie pattern! It looks great for boys and girls!

  149. Great Patterns :)
    My fav would be the hoodie vest – cute cute cute

  150. The reversible tunic is adorable and I am always looking for cute cold weather patterns. I also LOVE the red riding hood coat.

  151. DMK Easywear’s patterns are SO cute. I definitely fell in love with the Reversible Lovely ribbon jacket (with the buttons). This would be perfect for two lightweight jackets for my two DDs.

  152. Oh my, I am to chose just one favorite? Love her patterns, and love the sale!
    Thanks you for hosting this giveaway!

  153. Kinda hard to choose because they are all so cute. If I had to pick one I’d probably pick the reversable tunic top because I love that style on my little girl.

  154. I like the lovely ribbon dress!!!

  155. The coat is so adorable!

  156. Definitly the lovely ribbon jacket. It is so cute!

  157. How cute! I’d love the stylish kids’ coat!

  158. I’ve been coveting the Shawl Collae Pullove FO EVAH!!!

    Please, please, pleeease!!!! :)

    Sarah @

  159. I love the reversible tunic top/ dress. I hope i win it!

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