Sadie’s little friend Rayne (coincidentally my BF’s daughter), is getting a kitchen from Santa this Christmas. but SHHHHHH don’t tell!

So I knew I had to make her something for that. I made this cute apron using my own tutorial. (which is a quick sew, if you still need something for your little chef for Christmas!)

Don’t you loove the fabric? It’s Farmdale Crossing by Alexander Henry.

And I’m seriously thinking about an apron for moi in this fabric.

 I’m loving the aqua around the bottom. 
I also made her a chicken dinner….

and pizza similar to this one. I hope she has fun cooking in her new play kitchen!


  1. It’s so cute, I love that fabric!! And I adore that baked potato!! SO CUTE!!

  2. What a sweet gift. I’m sure that she is going to her new apron and food.

  3. That is adorable and I love the fabric too!

  4. I am in love with the apron! So cute! But…um…you did not give her any broccoli…just sayin’… 😉

  5. oh and, you shoulda seen her when showed Chris the food. She grabbed hold of the chicken and said, “Daddy! Look at this! A chicken leg!” It was awesome :)

  6. love this, I’m trying to convince myself to sew up some kitchen stuff for my girls, it’s not working very well – mostly because I just want to sit around and watch tv :(

  7. It is all so cute! I think I’ll have to make my daughter’s little BF that pizza. :)

  8. I just found your blog (well, I lied, my coworker did) and I love it. Where oh where did you find that adorable apple fabric?!?

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