want some scraps?

First TWO people to comment get ’em! (US only, sorry) 
They are gallon size bags, just so’s you know.
Now come back and look at these cute turkey sandwiches I made for the kiddos at a play date I hosted today. I took the general idea (found on many blogs online) and used what I had on hand to make some wee birds. The kids devoured them! except for the undesirable bread scraps.
I also made these pilgrim hats for dessert!  I found the idea here.
They were tasty and cute, always a good combo! (do you like my new tablecloth?)

Happy Friday!


  1. WHat a neat treat! Lovely scraps!

  2. Really! I would love those…if I am the second commenter. :) Thanks!

  3. congrats gals! send me your address and I’ll ship these off to ya!


  4. I do like your new tablecloth. :) Too bad I missed out on the scraps but it’s just as well- my daughter is finally napping so I’m happy!

  5. Oooh, I just missed it! Enjoy, ladies. Happy weekend to everyone.

  6. Aw, just missed it! Congrats Becka and Roberta!
    Also, I LOVE your rag bowl, Becka!

  7. hahahaha I should do this too! Or maybe I should try to line up a scrap swap challenge… hhhmmmm…

  8. Man! I missed it! But I do love those turkey sandwiches and pilgrim hats! ;0)

  9. love scrabs :) nice of you to give it away.


  10. DANG it! I want them! Too late this time! Maybe next time!! :) see ya next week!!

  11. Oh love the hats. I’m so going to do that!

  12. Wish i would have got on my computer earlier. What a fun way to do a giveaway! Those sandwiches are super cute and I love the pilgrim hats. I love your tablecloth!

  13. Ahhh! How did I not see this until just now! Gah. Sad, sad day.

  14. missed it! haha…

  15. missed it! haha…

  16. ahhhh! lucky girls!

  17. love the turkey sandwich!!! going to have to do that this week with my little bit!

  18. Jess~
    I wanted to tell you that your package of sunshine arrived in the mail today. What a treat, my girls and I enjoyed sorting through them and planning out little dolly quilts. Thank you so very much for the fun and your generosity.
    Roberta :)

  19. Thanks again! the scraps were awesome:

    Ok, sorry I keep linking to myself, I know it’s totally annoying when ppl do that, I just like being linked to when other ppl are talking about me :)

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