May Day Studios giveaway

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May Day Studios is giving away any listing of your choice! Good luck choosing! 😉 Her clips are ridiculously cute.

International entries are ok on this giveaway.

Remember, one comment per person per post.

Make sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win. Comments will be left open until October 8th, and I will then draw a winner for each prize using

Good luck!


  1. These are so sweet! My little girl finally has hair so we’d get lots of use out of these:)

  2. I have three girlies so I would love to win these!!!

  3. These would be perfect for my baldy girl! 😉

  4. So sweet! Now if only my 2 year old will keep things in her hair :)

  5. Ooo! I love all the flower clips! nkmeldrim at hotmail dot com

  6. Waiting for our sweet little one, these would be great for her hair.

  7. My girls would love these! xcwgrlupx[at]gmail[dot]com

  8. Those are such sweet bows! Not sure what my baby will be yet, but I know lots of little girls!

  9. My daughter would love these! Thanks for the fun giveaways!
    letsmakeitours @ gmail . com

  10. My twins are in desperate need of more hair cuteness!!!

  11. Love it! Want it!

  12. Times like these I’m glad Abby’s got hair =] So cute!

  13. I have a niece that would look adorable in these! What a perfect addition to her Christmas gift!

  14. Just realized I was supposed to leave my email :)
    would LOVE these!

  15. The girls in my house, me included, would love this! Samantha

  16. I usually make my daughter’s hair clips myself but it would be nice to actually receive one pre-made for a change!

  17. So pretty!

  18. Wow! Fabulous giveaways! Thanks!!

  19. My baby girl doesn’t quite have hair yet but she will soon and I would love some of these bows for her!

  20. We have 3 girls here, would love some cute clips!

  21. So fun in my little sweeties hair!
    jillrenee (at) charter (dot) net

  22. I’ve got two little girls who would love to win these!

  23. Adorable hair clips! My daughters would be thrilled!

  24. Ssuper cute clips!!! I would love to win these!

  25. They would be so cute for my half bald girlie!

  26. Everything she has is totally adorable!

  27. Ooh, the bitty clips are my faves, the autumn stroll colors. Too cute! Now I just need a little girl… 😉

  28. My daughter could use some cute hair clips thanks for the chance.

  29. Too cute! Would love to win!

  30. My little girl needs more cute hairclips!!

  31. These are so cute. I would love them for my granddaughter.

  32. Oh my gosh those are adorable! So many choices!!

  33. My girl would love this!!

  34. They are sooo cute… Would love to win, even it would be hard to pick :)

  35. Emma would look so cute in some of these.

  36. i’d love these for my daughter

  37. The jungle flower hair clips are adorable!


  38. What sweet girly hair bows!

  39. Great accesories. I love the halloween bitty clips :)

    Thanks !

  40. Love MayDay Studios! I used to babysit Kristen when she was little. We have purchased some of these clips before & love them and we need some more!

  41. Oh how pretty those are! I’d love to win something for my 1 week old daughter!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  42. How adorable!

    lindsay.forgette at gmail dot com

  43. it is not possible to have too many clips!

  44. WAY cute! Count me in. :)

    amandafetters at gmail dot com

  45. My daughter would look fab in the flower headband!

  46. cute

    mrspelly at gmail

  47. Awesome prize. I have a 5 year old girlie girl who loves to accessorize and a baby girl on the way. This would be perfect!

  48. Oh my, these are SO cute!

    stkavdiel @ gmail . com

  49. Everything is ridiculously cute!!! I am torn between the Drama Queen and Lilac Attack sets!

  50. Adorable little clips!! :)


  51. SO VERY cute! I would love to win these!!

  52. Having seven girls you KNOW there are fights at our house as to who gets to wear what clips in their hair. I LOVE her itty bitty rugby clips, especially now that the baby is finally getting some hair!


  53. Gosh, my little girl would go crazy with all this bows!

    Rebeca Price

  54. Bows, bows, bows! Love them all!

  55. So cute! I’d love to get these for my nieces.

  56. Those are so cute! I love the rhinestone clippies!

  57. How can I possibly choose? I like the flower hair clip – fuschia persian buttercup the best.

    My email is in my profile.

  58. These are too cute! I’d have a brain seizure just choosing. I’m having a baby girl (when? well, asap I hope. seriously. oy. I miss having a fullsize bladder.) and I have a three year old girl. Hair accessories are not optional!

  59. Cute stuff. I need to start putting things in my daughter’s hair. People keep mistaking her for a boy!!

    DanielleJoAnn79 at gmail dot com

  60. These would be too cute on our new baby girls head :)

  61. We love adorable barrettes!!


  62. Super Cute!

    ldowe at

  63. Perfect for one seriously bald baby… mine!! These will definitely tell the world my baby is a girl.. not a boy.

  64. So cute…enough said!

  65. wow, just checked out their website their products are gorgeous…

  66. I want it! the clips are so cute. thanks!

  67. OMG!!! This store has the cutest clips! I’d love to win some of the bitty clips for my two year old whose hair just doesn’t grow. :) slarosa72 at gmail dot com

  68. so cute, my baby girl says “please pick us?” okay so she just squawked, but that’s what she meant.

  69. Me and my little girl would love to win this one!

  70. SO cute! Would love these for my little girl!

  71. My daughter would look so adorable in any of those clips!


  72. I would love these for my daughters!

  73. Again…these are so cute…would be awesome to win!

  74. Very cute!

  75. Adorable! And prefect for my girls.

  76. SO cute! My little ones would love wearing these!

  77. love these! jenizeller @

  78. These are so cute

  79. anything PINK
    hurst_maggie (at)

  80. those bitty clips are too cute!

  81. I’d love to get some of those bitty clips for my little girl.


  82. Really cute!


  83. Lovin’ the clips!

  84. lyndeegeorge at yahoo dot com

  85. I love giveaways!

  86. I could always use new bows:)

  87. It’s okay if I want to wear this, right?

    pricklypearcactuscandy@comcast DOT net

  88. Now that Clara finally has hair these would be so cute!!

  89. these would be fun in our girlie’s curlies!

  90. love them girly things!

  91. How could I ever choose!

  92. There are super cute!

  93. These would look so cute in my GD’s fine hair to dress her up.

  94. I love hairclips! ^^


  95. My girls would love these!
    thebirdflock at gmail dot com

  96. My daughter would looove these and I have a niece coming into the world next month! :)

    photosbyshannon at ymail dot com

  97. Congrats on 1000+ followers!
    And Thanks for the chance!
    fsarah09 at gmail dot com

  98. My daughter loves hair “pretties” this would be perfect for her!


  99. Just lovely!
    amo72 at ymail dot com

  100. Those are adorable!

  101. How great are these? dianejjarvis at

  102. those hair clips are BEYOND adorable!



  103. Sweet clips – my nieces would love these!

  104. I think these are so cute. I make a lot of things, but I’ve never mastered the art of hair accessories. amy_scraps(atyahoodotcom)

  105. these are adorable!

    special.k3 at juno dot com

  106. What adorable clips! I love the Glam Girl one, so cute and I have a particular weakness for feathers!

  107. We love clippies!

  108. Bring it!

  109. Thank you for all these awesome giveaways…hope I win at least one :)


  110. CLippies! Clippies! Clippies!

  111. Oh too hard to choose, they are all fabulous.

  112. One can never have enough bows!

  113. My little girls hair just got long enough for hair clips and these would look oh so cute in her hair!

  114. So, I’m not trying to brag, and I may be a little bit biased, but my daughter is seriously cute, and if she had these clips in her hair, they would get all sorts of attention. In conclusion, if you pick me, you will not only be making the right choice, but you’ll have some super sweet free advertisement to boot. It’s a no-brainer.

  115. Thanks for the great giveaways!

  116. Oh, I’d love to win this one. My daughter never has enough cute clips!

  117. Such cute girl stuff!

  118. Darling for my daughters little piggies!

  119. Once my little tinker has hair… oh, the possibilities!

  120. These clips are so cute. They would look darling on my little Raegan, she finally has enough hair for pigtails.

  121. They ARE cute!! I love the girly hair accessories for the little girly!!

  122. With two girls I always need more cute hair things.

  123. Very cute hair clips!

  124. These are adorable!


  125. cute! a girl can never have enough hair accessories!!!

  126. super cute!My little girl loves hair accessories!

  127. I’d love to get these for my girlie… her hair is always in her face since most barrettes don’t stay in! monkeyshinersbaby at

  128. yes please! :)

  129. yes please! :)

  130. yes please! :)

  131. yes please! :)

  132. yes please! :)

  133. yes please! :)

  134. yes please! :)

  135. yes please! :)

  136. yes please! :)

  137. Very beautiful!

  138. paty_webb (at) yahoo (dot) com

  139. i need these for my new little niece!

  140. Ooh, so many little ladies in my life who would adore these!
    thejasperpatch googlemail com

  141. I love these clips.

  142. These are adorable and I have been trying to get my daughter to wear clips for at least a year now and I think I’m making progress. Any of these would look so cute on her.

  143. a girl can never have enough accessories. Love those hairclips to bits.

  144. My little K monster is FINALLY letting us put clips in her hair without screaming and crying and ripping it out immediately. So excited to help her “accessorize” her outfits now.

  145. Stunning! I think I’d have to get something my daughter and I could share! Thanks for the opportunity.

    lisa -at- amnuts -dot- com

  146. What beautiful clips. I know some little babies that would look so cute in these.

    chandradawn (at) yahoo(dot)com

  147. Those clips are ADORABLE!

  148. Those clips are ADORABLE!

  149. Those clips are ADORABLE!

  150. Those clips are ADORABLE!

  151. Those clips are ADORABLE!

  152. Those clips are ADORABLE!

  153. Those clips are ADORABLE!

  154. Those clips are ADORABLE!

  155. Those clips are ADORABLE!

  156. Oooh, my baby girl needs some cuteness for her hair!!

  157. Would love these!! My baby girl FINALLY has enough hair to but bows in!!

  158. Darling hair clips! And I have two perfect little noggins to display them on!

  159. love it!


  161. Here’s to hopin I’m the winner…

  162. Those are just precious! I love them!

  163. My daughter is such a girly-girl! “Perfect” doesn’t even begin to describe my thoughts on these!

  164. My daughter’s hair is finally getting long enough for matching clips!

  165. My little girl needs some more cuteness in her hair. Thanks for the chance to win!

  166. What sweet bows!

  167. I really want to win this one!!!! :)


  168. I really want to win this one!!!! :)


  169. I really want to win this one!!!! :)


  170. I really want to win this one!!!! :)


  171. I really want to win this one!!!! :)


  172. I really want to win this one!!!! :)


  173. I really want to win this one!!!! :)


  174. I really want to win this one!!!! :)


  175. I really want to win this one!!!! :)


  176. so much to choose from – it would be hard to pick one if i were the winner!

  177. Wow just one? Dang! 😉

  178. I can see these wrapped for Christmas.

  179. These are adorable!

  180. Super cute!

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