Gulf Coast Cottage Giveaway

*** This giveaway is now closed***

Gulf Coast Cottage is giving away your choice of one of their amazing felt patterns! They don’t only do food patterns either…check out that awesome baking set!

International entries are ok on this giveaway.

Remember, one comment per person per post.

Make sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win. Comments will be left open until October 8th, and I will then draw a winner for each prize using

Good luck!


  1. These are SOOOO cute! I see some adorable stocking stuffers in the future:)

  2. That Christmas set is so super adorable!!! My girls would love any of these!!!

  3. These are sweet!

  4. So many fun patterns! I think I would get the boxes and canned goods! Fun! nkmeldrim at hotmail dot com

  5. Adorable patterns, my 2 girls are learning hand sewing right now. Felt food is the perfect learning tool!

  6. These patterns are so cute! xcwgrlupx[at]gmail[dot]com

  7. I absolutely love the baking set! So cute!!!

  8. That baking set is adorable! Thanks for the fun giveaways!
    letsmakeitours @ gmail . com

  9. Perfect! I have been wanting to make felt food for over a year! I hope this is my chance!

  10. My daughter is 16 months old now and has been spotted carrying a frying pan or two around the house. I think some felt goodies might be in her future whether I win or not! :)

  11. What can I say but adorable !!!!
    All the patterns are just to sweet they are giving me a toothache. Perfect for my little girl and the one on her way =)

  12. My daughter is just getting to the age where she would like to play with felt food, & I can’t wait to start making her some!

  13. Yummy!

  14. very cute, love the mermaids!

  15. I heart felt food!

  16. This stuff is seriously to cute!
    jillrenee (at) charter (dot) net

  17. These are REALLY cute. I don’t know which one I would choose, bacause I love them all!

  18. CUTE!!! CUTE!! CUTE!!

  19. I’m putting together some kitchen stuff for my kids!

  20. ooh! i’d love to make the baking set for my baby girl!

  21. Awesome! I am contemplating making my little man a felt food set for Christmas and this would be a perfect place to get me started!


  22. I love these patterns. I discovered this shop recently and I’ve had my eye on a couple.

  23. Thanks for the opportunity!

  24. Oh I love these thanks for the chance!

  25. great for christmas gifts!

  26. Love the felt food.

  27. How cute! I’ve never seen these before!

  28. My kids would love these!



  30. Would love to win this :)

  31. They are all adorable! I think I’d pick the Be a Baker set…something I haven’t seen!

  32. that felt bake set it just too cute

  33. pick me! pick me!

  34. I’d love to win a pattern set. Though I’m not sure what I’d choose, there are so many good ideas.

  35. My little girls would love any of these sets . . . and I’d love creating them for them with these amazing patterns.


  36. that felt stuff is adorable!

  37. These felt toys are soooo stinkin’ cute! Love!

  38. These are just AMAZING !!!
    Thanks a lot !!

  39. my twins would love these, especially when they get their new kitchen for Christmas!

  40. The felt toys look like so much fun.

    lindsay.forgette at gmail dot com

  41. so fun. got my eye on the cookie and coco set.

  42. How cute! I love that Christmas set.

  43. Cute! My daughter would LOVE these!

  44. so cute

    mrspelly at gmail

  45. My poor children have a play kitchen bereft of felt food. I need these patterns!

  46. These are all so great! Thanks for the chance to win. stefsummerer (at) gmail (dot) com.

  47. Ultra cute patterns!!!


  48. I have a stack of felt itching for a new pattern. This is awesome!

  49. oooh! I am working on a play kitchen for our son – these would be perfect accessories!

  50. I have a big pile of wool felt just waiting to be attacked (I’ve only made corn on the cob and strawberries so far). These patterns would be just the motivation I need to get back into it!

  51. Such great patterns. I love the tea set, cupcakes, and Italian feast. So fun!

    My email is in my profile.

  52. these are soooo cute :) I think I would have to get the baking set for my 2 girls. Would go great with the kitchen I am planning to make for them for xmas..

  53. too cute!

  54. My son is obsessed with his play kitchen and food right now! I would have a hard time deciding just which set I love the most!

  55. I got my daughter a kitchen as a Christmas gift for this year in March (it was marked down to $12 from $100!!) so I’ve been trying to collect things to go with it. This would be great to win so I can make that baking set!
    DanielleJoAnn79 at gmail dot com

  56. Me please rachelcoplin at gmail

  57. I’d love to win one of these adorable patterns. Thank you!

  58. Very cute!!

    ldowe at

  59. My baby would love to squish these!!

  60. My boys would love this!

  61. The baking set is so cute!

  62. ooh I love these patterns! I have them favourited on etsy so what a lovely surprise this would be!

  63. oh wow! that is some seriously cute felt food.

  64. My children love playing with their kitchen set so these patterns would be great for me to able to make them some more food! :)

  65. I LOVE the baking set! So cute!

  66. so cute!
    hannasandvig at

  67. Very cute! Thanks for these great giveaways!

  68. I just bought some felt at the fabric store, and am in need of some patterns. Perfect!


  69. so cute!

  70. That baking set is so cute!!

  71. Very cute and perfect stocking stuffers!

  72. Oh my goodness!! Is that Christmas cookie set cute, or what!?!?

  73. So adorable!

  74. My husband is building a play kitchen for our daughter and these patterns would be awesome to start her stocking the pantry!

  75. So cute!


  76. I love giveaways!

  77. Such Adorable patterns!

  78. this is my favorite giveaway!!

  79. ah, a world made of felt – what could be better :)

  80. Pick me random comment picker thingy, pick me! I have so much felt I don’t know what to do with it.

  81. I’m building a play kitchen for my daughter this Christmas…I can’t picture better accessories for it!

  82. I love felt food! Pick me!! mommyneedsatimeout at live dot com

  83. need some christmas gift ideas!

  84. Aw, very cute! I would love to whip up some felt goodies for my son for Christmas!
    LauraL444 at yahoo dot com

  85. How adorable are those patterns?!

    juliemmichael at yahoo dot com

  86. Ohmygosh I want to win this one so badly!


  87. I’ve been wanting to learn how to use felt. This would be perfect!
    amo72 at ymail dot com

  88. Oh how cute!

  89. This looks like a lot of fun! dianejjarvis at

  90. the felt wisk is soooo cute!



  91. One of my favourite felt designers – I’d love to try one of their patterns!

  92. My kids would love it if I won this one. Too cute!


  93. I love her felt food pattern. I would love to win.

  94. Very nice patterns! Love the Christmas one!

  95. Your blog has given me an addiction to felt crafts. I would LOVE this!

  96. ohh how cute is that baking set!

  97. These would make grat Christmas gifts!

  98. Would love to make some felt foods.


  99. so glad they have stuff for boys! the dinosaur play mat and tool set are cute!
    ascaglotti @ hotmail . com

  100. I am in love with that little baker’s set!

  101. Oh I looooove this. I have been making lots of pretend food for my daughter and this would be great.

  102. Soooo cute! I love felt food!

  103. I have just recently become addicted to felt! I am buying up ever pattern i can get my hands on, one for free would be awesome, so Pick Me!

  104. I love making things with felt!

  105. My kids would so totally flip their lids if I made them one of these sets. Then my youngest would try to eat some felt cookies and we’d end up going to the ER. But still, totally worth it. Pick me!

  106. I love the PB&J set – so cute!

  107. my little one loves all things felt food!

  108. My little boy would love to play with these!

  109. These are ADORABLE!

  110. okay, I really, really, REALLY want to win this one!!

  111. I have loved Gulf Coast Cottage patterns for awhile. I’ve been trying to justify buying them. If I win that would be awesome.

  112. Felt is one of my favorite fabrics to use. I would love to win one of her patterns. :)

  113. I have always wanted to try working with felt!


  114. cute! i’ve been wanting to try some felt stuff! monkeyshinersbaby at

  115. Would love to play with some of these adorable patterns….
    thejasperpatch googlemail com

  116. So cute!!!! I would love to try these cute patterns out!

  117. My daughter would love if I made her some of these. This looks like fun.

  118. My little K would just love these!

  119. I’ve been sewing felt food for my son’s kitchen, and would love to add some more especially from such awesome patterns.

    chandradawn (at) yahoo(dot) com

  120. I love the tool set for my little guy but I think he would have just as much fun with the food sets too… so cute!

  121. I can think of quite a few little ones I know who would love these!

    smallhomebigstart [at] gmail [dot] com

  122. I think this may be the one I really want… I am doing kitchen stuff for my little one for Christmas this year!

  123. I think this may be the one I really want… I am doing kitchen stuff for my little one for Christmas this year!

  124. I think this may be the one I really want… I am doing kitchen stuff for my little one for Christmas this year!

  125. I think this may be the one I really want… I am doing kitchen stuff for my little one for Christmas this year!

  126. I think this may be the one I really want… I am doing kitchen stuff for my little one for Christmas this year!

  127. I think this may be the one I really want… I am doing kitchen stuff for my little one for Christmas this year!

  128. I think this may be the one I really want… I am doing kitchen stuff for my little one for Christmas this year!

  129. I think this may be the one I really want… I am doing kitchen stuff for my little one for Christmas this year!

  130. I think this may be the one I really want… I am doing kitchen stuff for my little one for Christmas this year!

  131. I love these!
    lara3400 at sbcglobal dot net

  132. Very Cute. Would love to make a number of these patterns.

  133. I would LOVE this!! I am a baker and a “cook” and have been wanting to get fun kitchen stuff for my daughter!! This would be awesome!

  134. I love these!
    whitneysnow20 at

  135. Seriously great patterns! I can hear my felt bin calling me!

  136. Cute stuff!

  137. These are sweet!

  138. I’ve been working on felt food for my daughter’s Christmas gift. I would LOVE this!
    Here’s to hopin I’m the winner…

  139. Your felt food week totally inspired me in the felt food arena. These patterns are super cute and would be awesome to win!

  140. How perfect (and timely with the holidays approaching!!)

  141. All of these patterns are adorable!

  142. i have a little girl who would love these.

  143. Such cute felt things!

  144. Just what I need to finish my daughters kitchen. THanks for the chance to win!

  145. love, love, love.

  146. I just picked up sewing with felt! I want this one!

  147. Perfect for my granddaughter

  148. Felt food is so cute!

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