Elephannie giveaway

*** This giveaway is now closed***

Elephannie is giving away a $20 credit towards anything in their store. Awesome vinyl designs? check!

International entries are ok on this giveaway.

Remember, one comment per person per post.

Make sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win. Comments will be left open until October 8th, and I will then draw a winner for each prize using random.org.

Good luck!


  1. How cu-ute!

    thebell01 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

  2. Oh, I could definitely find something for our little girls’ nursery!

  3. I really like the name and initial monograms. One would be great for the nursery I’m working on!

  4. These designs would help with the dilemma I’m having about what to put on my bedroom wall.


  5. SO cute! I love the trees, and the owls, and the animals, and the circle monogram…


  6. Would love this! agrenk@gmail.com

  7. I see some fun options for my daughter’s playroom!

  8. Delightful!

  9. Cute, cute stuff! Thanks for the opportunity!


  10. Vinyl is so much fun!
    jillrenee (at) charter (dot) net

  11. So cute! I love vinyl designs!

  12. I need to decorate my baby girl’s room!

  13. would love these jenwegner@gmail.com

  14. Cute! Thanks for the chance!

  15. Perfect timing, we just moved into a new home!


  16. Ohh how cute are these!!


  17. So cute. They are so simple yet so nice.

  18. I bet that our baby-in-progress would like some of these vinyl designs in her nursery.

    katy.kelsey @ gmail.com

  19. I love vinyl wall art! Cute designs! tamanda2@gmail.com

  20. Great way to personalize the little boys’ room!
    plannedimprovisation at gmail dot com

  21. oooh, this one is awesome!


  22. mrspelly at gmail

  23. my friend needs this for her nursery!

  24. I need some vinyl for my new home…

    stkavdiel @ gmail . com

  25. we have so many bare walls begging for stickers!


  26. I NEED more decorations! This would be great!

  27. So cute! I love me some vinyl!

  28. been needing something for my boy nursery!

  29. we just moved, so these would help us decorate our new house!


  30. I love those birds on the door frame and so much else in this store! My walls desperately need some help!


  31. Cute stuff!!

  32. So perfect for my nursery!


  33. honest to donuts, that is the most hilarious store name. adorable!
    and of course, one could always use vinyl decals.

  34. Hmm, I’ve been looking at things like this for my daughter’s room. She needs an upgrade from baby to toddler, some of these would be so cute!!


  35. Very Cute!
    ldowe at hotmail.com

  36. I’ve been dying to put up some vinyl art in my daughter’s nursery! xcwgrlupx[at]gmail[dot]com

  37. Yes please rachelcoplin at gmail

  38. What a great idea to update a room. I’d love to win!

  39. My little nursery is going from one kid to two… we could use some sprucing!

  40. These are really cute!

  41. love this!

    thanks for the opportunity to win!

  42. Would love something for the dining room. It’s one of two rooms that has nothing planned for it.

  43. Oh so cute!!! Thanks for hosting such awesome giveaways!

  44. so cute! I spied a few things on the site that I would LOVE!

  45. Perfect since I’ll be decorating tabithas 1st bedroom when we move!

  46. what a cute shop! and excellent prices hannasandvig at gmail.com

  47. So cute!!!!


  48. Found the perfect decor to go above my baby’s crib!! I hope I win! becki1@sbcglobal.net

  49. All I can think about is my girls’ room!


  50. Ooo! I like the new tree! It would be perfect for something I have in mind! nkmeldrim at hotmail dot com

  51. These are great! evenstar88@mac.com

  52. My son would love the airplane, and my daughter would love the princess.
    bfcourage at yahoo dot com

  53. I’m in need of some new vinyl projects!


  54. What cute stuff! I would love to add some to my house.
    thebirdflock at gmail dot com

  55. Very cute stuff!

  56. Those are SO cute!!

  57. So perfect for my baby’s room! It would be hard to decide but I would manage! :-)

  58. Must have vinyl! mfsbailey@gmail.com

  59. i would love to win


  60. These would be great for my daughters’ nursery I’m working on!

  61. Fun stuff! It would be hard to choose.


  62. This is so cute. Hope i can win..

  63. I’m always in the market for fun vinyl!

  64. LOVE it!!

  65. lyndeegeorge at yahoo dot com

  66. I love giveaways! joannacarrillo@yahoo.com

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  68. Lovely and Adorable!
    pricklypearcactuscandy@comcast DOT net

  69. Ooh, love love love. Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. way too cute! love the bambi stickers! nickyta at mymelody.com p.s would be so great to win. pp.s never won anything before.. :)

  71. wow! they are gorgeous! (but so are your baby’s cheeks:))

  72. Too… much… cute…can’t…decide!!

  73. I love this! Thank you for this giveaway. n.dematos@gmail.com

  74. I’ve been wanting some vinyl cuteness for my girls room… or my room… or my kitchen… Or all of the above!


  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. Such an easy way to decorate our new house.


  77. so cute! i really love those deer

  78. cute!


  79. would love those!

  80. Love these! I’m remodeling(yes, walls are coming down and all, starting from scratch!) my daughters room in our new -to-us-but-very-old home and she would love something like this!

    photosbyshannon at ymail dot com

  81. So many cute designs to pick for my play room! slarosa72 at gmail dot com

  82. Lots of choices!
    amo72 at ymail dot com

  83. So many choices!


  84. Super cute shop! I’m thinking something for baby boys room :)

  85. I don’t know what’s cuter their name or their designs?! I love it!


  86. These are so cute! I would love them! dianejjarvis at gmail.com

  87. So many cute vinyls – I wouldn’t know what to choose!

  88. I could defiantely use some vinyls@



  89. Just vinyl me in!

  90. Would love this!

    special.k3 at juno dot com

  91. Chalkboard frame decaks are too cute. *Wanna win this*

  92. oooo! Love me some vinyl!


  93. Love the look (and changeability of vinyl decorating. I have been eying some vinyl chalkboards for awhile now.

  94. I love all of it!


  95. I love the name!
    ozmakitty at yahoo dot com

  96. Super cute!

  97. I have been wanting some vinyl for my baby boy’s room!

    ascaglotti @ hotmail . com

  98. comment 102, what are my chances?? hmm…

  99. This is a wonderful giveaway. I am so wanting to get some tiny animals to put randomly throughout our house. I think my girls would love it.

  100. Totally cute!


  101. This is great! I could really use some cute vinyl for our new home.

  102. Oh, these would be great for our bare white walls and non-permanent resident situation!

  103. So cute!

  104. I’ve been really wanting to try these…seems like a great way to jazz up a space without making a huge commitment.

  105. I love it!

  106. I’d really love to try some vinyl decals for my daughter’s room!

  107. I can’t get enough of these vinyls!!

  108. I have been eyeing vinyl wall decals since my little tinker was born – and now they are a giveaway! Yay, pick me!

  109. Super Cute Designs!


  110. I really want to do some vinyl on my girls walls.

  111. Love it! Could definitely find a use for them in some projects I have on the go!


  112. Wow, I’m coming in a little late in the game on this one!! I wanna win though!! 😀


  113. Ashley Dixon

    ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!

  114. What a fresh take on vinyl! I love it! brookiebrown@gmail.com

  115. Would love to win!! Such cuteness!!


  116. This would be perfect in my daughter’s room! I hope i win!


  117. I love vinyl! (I so wanted that silhouette!)
    monkeyshinersbaby at yahoo.com

  118. I love me some vinyl!
    jamsoundsgood at hotmail dot com

  119. i love vinyl!!! myhedwig@gmail.com

  120. paty_webb (at) yahoo (dot) com

  121. Thanks for the fun giveaway!!!


  122. Would love to have some of these to decorate our new house!

  123. So cute! Thank you for the opportunity!

    lisa -at- amnuts -dot- com

  124. We’re re-doing the craft room, and this would be a great addition.

  125. Super stencils!

  126. Those look great!

    smallhomebigstart [at] gmail [dot] com

  127. What a fun way to celebrate 1000 followers!

  128. What a fun way to celebrate 1000 followers!

  129. What a fun way to celebrate 1000 followers!

  130. What a fun way to celebrate 1000 followers!

  131. What a fun way to celebrate 1000 followers!

  132. What a fun way to celebrate 1000 followers!

  133. What a fun way to celebrate 1000 followers!

  134. What a fun way to celebrate 1000 followers!

  135. What a fun way to celebrate 1000 followers!

  136. Love these!
    lara3400 at sbcglobal dot net

  137. Ooooh, pick me!


  138. ooohhhh! i’d have a hard time choosing!

  139. Here’s to hopin I’m the winner…

  140. I love the cherryblossom branch. Great giveaways!

  141. the possibilities!! Love it!!


  142. Love the vinyl trend…it is such a pretty touch!


  143. love me some vinyl. mckenzie.h.graham@gmail.com

  144. I need some vinyl designs so badly for my boring walls! t_yeates@yahoo.com

  145. I’ve loved their shop forever! I’d love to win!


  146. How cute! I love vinyl, thanks for the chance to win!

  147. I live in a cute little duplex rental. I’m so happy with it, but all the walls are the same color (fortunately tan and not apartment white!). Anyway, this is just the kind of thing my daughter’s room needs. Hope random.org favors me. :-)

    I am also hosting a giveaway on my blog, if you’re interested. Though – yours is cooler.

  148. ohmigoodness! Everything is adorable!!! Love!

  149. such cute designs


  150. These are really nice.

  151. These are awesome!

  152. I’d love these to decorate my baby’s room!

  153. How very cool! We are moving into a new house next week, and I would love to decorate with vinyl to personalize the rooms. Great giveaway – keeping my fingers crossed!
    meeganjw at comcast . net

  154. These are so cute! I’d love some vinyl. I’ve been wanting some for a while. :) superbandfan@gmail.com

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