another version of the sadie shirt

Using the same pattern used for the Sadie shirt, I made this totally different looking shirt. 
I love when patterns are so versatile! 
(also, please pretend all the the random broken pavers in our backyard are construction-site-chic, please. it’s a work in progress.)
I love the puffy gathered sleeves and tie back.
(her hair is getting crazy long!)
Sadie liked it a lot too, she called it her blue shirt. She’s nothing if not blatantly obvious.
 So here’s how I veered from the Sadie shirt. I cut my bottom panel a bit wider-the picture shows a lot wider than I actually used-I ended up chopping off two inches on both ends. Then I gathered it along the top and sewed it to the bodice piece.
 The sleeves are a basic gathered sleeve-easy once you’ve done some! Make it and Love it has a good basic one in her Cinderella dress tutorial-which I made for the Sadester-pics to come!

Anyways-it’s fun to play around and come up with new shirts with the same pattern!


  1. oh I love it! I totally have this feeling that you should make another sew-along!!!….pretty please??!!!!….hehe Have a great day!

  2. SUPER cute. Is this shirt made of knit or just regular cotton? Just curious.

  3. adorable!!! Yes, I want to know too — is it knit?

  4. Really cute, Jess! I think this shirt needs an entirely new name. Love the tie back. Hoping to start my second shirt tonight!

  5. That is so cute! I also love how long Sadie’s hair is getting. My middle daughter had me cut her hair short this past January/February and it is SLOWLY growing back out. My youngest we have hardly ever cut her hair and it is halfway down her back. Such fun to play with all the hair clips and such that we own! You really do such beautiful work! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Cute, cute, CUTE!! I love the sleevevs!! Would you say that the gathered sleeves are easier to get right when sewing them on because you don’t have to worry about them getting bunchy?? If so, I may try that on mine if I can’t get the sleeves right the first time again. I should have mine done by tomorrow or thursday, depending on how much spared time I get…spared! 😀

  7. So so so cute! I love the little gathered sleeves!

  8. Very cute version of the Sadie shirt and I love it on her she looks adorable in blue!

  9. so cute! love it!

  10. This is Adorable! I really wanted to make a Sadie Shirt but didn’t. Maybe someday I will.
    I did however make one of my daughters dolls a dress. Making tiny doll clothes can get addicting. :)

  11. I just have to tell you, I opened up my sewing machine for the first time today and it took me two hours, reading the manual trying to thread the upper and lower and the bobbin and I am left handed so I want to guide the fabric with my right hand not my left. It’s so difficult. I have complete and new found respect for all your amazing stuff you make!!

  12. Wow! Amazing job there, with the shirt. I saw your page and thought, why is this page so popular? I mean, it’s a girl who buys shirts from stores and models them! Then I started reading and thought, ‘oh wow…she really made those…:0. Amazing work! I am very jealous.

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