new strap cover

 So…the other week I decided that my old camera strap cover just wasn’t cutting it anymore…plus it didn’t have any padding for my poor neck. I’d also seen some cool tutorials with pockets for the lens….GENIUS. 
I decided on this tutorial by Vanessa because, well, she’s awesome, so how could her tutorials not be? 😉
I didn’t have the fusible fleece, but just used regular batting, it worked alright. I hate when you make a trip to Joann’s and then start a project soon after and wish you’d gotten a certain thing while you were there. What do they say? Hindsight is 20-20? grr. They’re moving things around at our Joann’s, so I was soo confused as to where everything was. I was like “Girls, show me to the remnants, I’m lost!” (my favorite section)
That’s where I got this home dec fabric, and thought it’d be perfect for the strap cover. I gotta say-the pocket for the lens is super-fabulisticly-awesome.


  1. ooh, lense pocket. What a neat idea. Mine usually ends up in my rear pocket…not the best place I’m sure!

  2. sa-weet! now just to get a fancy-pants camera I can make a strap for…

  3. Oh you totally read my mind this weekend! Last week I got the new love of my life a Canon t2i and the strap is not worn in yet and very uncomfortable! I like the idea of a lens cap pocket. Cute fabric choice too. I guess this will have to go on my to do list;)

  4. Awww, thanks! Glad the tutorial worked out for you.

    I’m a big fan of the remnants bin myself. I did discover a bit of trickery on Hobby Lobby’s part though. . . I found a 3/4 yard piece in the bin and it was actually more expensive than buying a full yard off the bolt (same print) because they don’t give you the sale price on the remnants :( Sneaky, sneaky.

  5. I might need to add to my strap now! Love it! The green fabric is one of my favorite backdrop fabrics!!! LOL

  6. That is so pretty – my camera is probably feeling neglected with its factory strap!

  7. This is genius… I am going to make this! but I’m going to add a flap with a button for the lens cap pocket… so it doesn’t fall out :)

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