kids clothes week-warm PJ’s

It’s been getting a bit chillier at night here (granted, it’s still Cali, but anyways….), so Sadie’s summer PJ’s are no longer in season.
Hence…winter PJ’s! It’s not rocket science, but I digress.
PJ’s can get so expensive! I love making them, they’re a quick project (especially since my new baby serger came to live with us) and fun to embellish tees to match.
I give you…
….Ruffle Dots!
…..Houndstooth Princess, complete with crown, ruffle and sparkly gem!
…and Argyle Girl! With a matching S. ( I figure Charlotte can still wear these when the time comes, I’ll just make a new top for her)
Joann’s was having a sale-the patterned flannel was $3 a yard. I only used about 3/4 yard for each of these, and the tees were $2.50 (Wal-mart-on sale), so they came out to be pretty inexpensive (and custom) PJ’s, at under $5 each. I thought about letting Sadie pick out the flannel-but she was headed towards the ugly section so I vetoed that idea. 😉 anyone else do that?
She loves them!
She had to show me the booty-er-back. I love a cute toddler booty in PJ’s!
Where’s the S for Sadie?

For those who asked-I made my own pattern using a pair of her PJ pants that fit well-then followed the steps here:

Cuffed shorts tutorial

They’re made exactly the same-just longer!


  1. These are absolutely adorable!! I love the argyle ones, and the sweet polka dot ruffle is so cute!

  2. They are adorable! I remember my mom making us all kinds of pj’s when my sister and I were little. I guess its time I start making my little one jammies as well.


  3. Cute! I’m (trying) doing pjs too.

  4. Adorable Jammies!
    …and yes… I stear my kids away from the ugly fabrics, too, except on their birthdays. They can pick whatever they want for that day. :)

  5. Those are adorable! Very cozy looking.

  6. cute! The argyle are my favorite. I am sewing flannel jammies for my nieces and nephews for Christmas this year.

  7. These are adorable! I love her showing off her bum! :)

  8. So ridiculously cute. Where’s mine?

  9. I love this idea! My three year old wants to wear her Dora pajamas to bed every night. Maybe I can interest her in a monogramed pair of pajamas. The argyle is my favorite!

  10. Do you have a pattern for the bottoms? Where can I find it? I love to have it! They look so easy to make!!

  11. These are adorable! I actually just bought that argyle b/c its so stinking cute! Now I know exactly what to do with it. :) Btw, where did you get the l/s shirts for only $2.50?? Way to go!

  12. Those look so cute! I also want to know where you got the pattern for the bottoms, I could totally make those for all my kids. Also, where did you get those shirts for 2.50? What a steal!

  13. Seriously cute!!! I loved the summer PJ’s too.Please tell me you have a tut for both the shorts and pants!!PLEASE! I would LOVE to make some for my kiddos!

  14. So cute! Gotta make some of those. I’ll just add that right on to my freakishly long list! 😀

  15. I was just at JoAnn’s today and saw that flannel was $2.99 a yard! Immediately thought of jammie pants and suggested my girls pick out their fav. My 2-year-old didn’t really care so I guided her to some cute patterns. My newly turned 4-year-old decided that dinosaurs were her preference…tried to guide towards the ballerinas but no luck. At least they were cute dinosuars!! :) Sadie looks adorable!!

  16. adorable! I just got a remnant of the same argyle the other day not knowing what to do with it….I think my daughter might be getting new pj pants!

  17. I totally don’t let my daughter choose fabrics sometimes either! It depends on what she’s asking for, but seriously, 2 year olds have some strange ideas about what is cute!

  18. Oh my goodness these are soooo cute! I love them all! :)

  19. gorgeous PJ’s. But I’m amazed at Sadie long hair at the back. She’ll be ready for big girl pony tails soon.

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