that’s a wrap

I found this gorgeous fabric in Joann’s clearance section the other day, and had to get some for a shirt. For me. I know, ground-breaking right? Something NOT for Sadie? (or Charlotte)
Anyways, just to clear it up, this is NOT the gorgeous fabric (that one is in progress though)…it’s a practice shirt made from a couple of remnant pieces…one wasn’t large enough, but then I found another piece of the exact same fabric. nice. So, I found an old wrap around shirt, and used it for a pattern.
It was pretty simple to make, just the bias tape was a little time consuming. Nothing a movie on my computer couldn’t take care of. I added a little ruffle cause it’s gray and was kinda boring without it. haha.
and…this is why I don’t like to model my clothing. My face looks like I’m smelling something gross, and I look like I’m pregnant. grr. just sayin’. (totally NOT trying to get compliments-I just don’t like pictures of myself most of the time! 😉


  1. cute idea!

  2. That shirt is super cute!!

  3. Haha you look great! I just wore a shirt I made for myself to a playdate last week and one of my friends was so excited to scream out “oh my goodness!! Is that a maternity shirt we see??”

    Hum… no that’s just my food baby shirt I guess. Wonderful.

  4. That’s super cute! I think the shirt looks great! I have yet to dive into clothes sewing for me b/c I’m scared it will look all wonky! :) Is there a tutorial for this coming? :) It would make a lovely one!

  5. That’s really cute! I wish I could sew clothes that look like clothes when I’m done with them…not my strong suit.

  6. Great job jess!

  7. I actually like the gray!! I can’t wait to see the cute fabric. And you are so pretty, quit being so hard on yourself!

  8. I think this is really cute! Can’t wait to see the next one.

  9. You don’t look pregnant, you look FABULOUS.
    Love the shirt, very cute! :)

  10. I think the shirt looks great! Didn’t you just have a baby not to long ago? Don’t put yourself down. We all can’t be super models and look skinny 5 seconds after giving birth.

  11. you look great to me. Lovely shirt too. well done. x

  12. I always have those looks on my face- like I’m about to change someone’s diaper. And NOT happy about it. It’s been wicked hot this summer, so I’m using the Champion sports bra (inside out so you can’t see the ribbing-found it on sale at Target) as my tank underneath my shirt. Looks like a full tank but without the extra fabric. Much cooler in this 100 degree heat! Thanks for all your great ideas!!

  13. That is what happens to my face when I take pictures of me too…or I look bored and mad.

    I love your shirt and can’t wait to see the final project.

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