garter thingy

my sister (who’s getting married this weekend), and I were gabbing about wedding stuff a few weeks ago, and she mentioned she was shopping online for a garter. I gasped in horror…and then told her she had to let me make it. She was all for that, of course. (free garter? sweet)

It then took us three weeks to remember talking about the garter, so good thing they’re a cinch to make. I whipped this one up in no time, and I think it’s pretty adorable!
I borrowed the fabric and tulle from my mom, AND it’s blue, and the silver bow stuff is old, and I made it with my serger and thread, which is new…so does that count? hehe.
I wish these pictures showed the color better, it’s a gorgeous teal blue. Silver is her accent color, so I added a tiny silver bow.
a quick and easy project, but one that I loved doing, cause it was for my sis!

Tonight’s her shower! I can’t wait, it’s going to be so fun. Look for another party post soon!

Post Edit:
I forgot to add that I used this cute video tutorial for the garter. Sorry-my brain is working overtime these days. :)


  1. That actually turned out really cute! I am always amazed at all the things you get accomplished with 2 children. Your amazing!!!

    check out my blog sometime:

  2. Just so you know…That’s a garter not a garter belt.

  3. It would be great with a small sterling silver charm on it that she could keep.
    I have NO financial interest in it, but I’ve used a guy called “xinar” on eBay for years. Inexpensive, reliable, he carries a vast variety, AND has an ‘800’ number for speed and requests! It really makes things extra special.

  4. Very nice Jess!

  5. I really like it! Would it be too much trouble to put together a tutorial for the garter? My sis is getting married next July and I’d love to try making one for her. You may say it’s easy, but, those with little crafty sewing experience will need the help of a tutorial and some practice. :)

  6. That is so cool! I want to make a garter for my wedding next year. Do you mind me asking how you did it? Was it a quick project?

  7. I added the tutorial i used to my post-forgot…oops! go check it out!

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