seatbelt covers

I finally got around to making some seat belt covers for the baby’s car seat. (like, 2 weeks ago) Which is weird, cause they are so easy and quick to make! I made a pair for the Sadester way back when, but I may make a new set, those are not as well made…I’ve learned some tricks since then. (made those a long time ago!) Maybe I’ll put together a little tutorial for them. :) Don’t worry, they don’t interfere with the chest piece, I made sure of that. Safety first.


  1. Tutorial please…and thank you. :)

  2. Tutorial would be great for these! Summer’s here and wearing more sundresses means more opportunities for straps on the carseat to cut into their little necks. ouch!

  3. Yes, please – a tutorial for these would be fabulous! They look really great. :o)

  4. That would be super useful in my family! Just wanted to stop by and say hello and I really enjoy your blog. I mentioned you in a post of mine today, I hope that’s alright. I’ve been working on your Memory Card project. I think it would go a lot better if I could find blocks similar to yours though lol.~Rae

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