a new friend

So, we had a new friend move in with us yesterday, specifically in with Sadie. She has red hair (nothing new around here), wears a bikini (I only do that on Fridays), and has fins (ok, none of us have those, thankfully).

Can you tell Sadie loves her mermaid doll? She is OBSESSED with the Little Mermaid, she’ll sing “AHhAHAHHH” like Ariel does (albeit louder and more off-key), and then make crab pinches with her fingers whenever Sebastian sings. 😉

Oh, and Ariel has wasted no time making herself at home.

She plays with Sadie’s blocks….(without asking, kind of rude!)
Oh, look! She can spell her name. They DO have schools underwater.
She enjoys taking long soaks in the “hot tub” to keep her tail hydrated.
…and taking naps in the doll bed.
…here she is taking time for a quick snack…uh oh….don’t do it Ariel! Think of Flounder!

haha. Ok, I’m a dork. But whatever. I showed Rory the doll after my hours of hard work and he said,”Not bad for your first try”. I couldn’t be too dismayed, because I agree. 😉 I’ll have to give it another shot…you know, for the baby. She needs a mermaid doll too!


  1. The mermaid doll is fantastic! Stellar job.

  2. Aw, she’s adorably cute!! LOL. So check out my attempt to make a mermaid softie I did a couple months ago. I was too embarrassed to even post the pics then yours was so great comparatively I just had to post my pics for a good laugh.

  3. I love your blog, no dorks here. Cute and funny and always inspiring. Keep up the great and funny work!

  4. I’d say AMAZING for your first try!! It’s adoreable!!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS YOU ARE HYSTERICAL! I LOVE IT!! You have such a fun blog to read. I always look forward to looking at your amazing talented crafts and how you share it with your wit on this blog. Keep it up!

  6. Love your Ariel doll! My girls are big into the little mermaid too 😉 I think I have to make one now, lol!

  7. Awww, what a gorgeous mermaid:) I reckon you’re having more fun playing with her than little Sadie lol!

  8. Jess, I’m going to call you when Lia gets obsessed with her first Disney movie, so that you can make her a doll! Unfortunately, the boys don’t let me show “princess” movies very often. Your Ariel doll is super cute!

  9. i think she turned out fabulous! you are just too good!

  10. That mermaid doll looks great!

  11. Well done Jess! Love that Ariel…and I bet Sadie does too. You could even use sparkly fabric for the tail of the next one….oh the combinations. Have fun :)

  12. so cute jess! make it into a pattern!!!

  13. It’s adorable! Way better than “not bad.” :)

  14. You are too funny — thanks for the morning chuckle!
    xxxs and ooos to Ariel from our very “fishy” Cape Cod,
    at dolcecapecod.dotblogspot.com

  15. My girls LOVE LOVE LOVE mermaids! Great job on your mermaid doll!

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