i’m in love…

…with my serger.

yeah…..and my daughters, hubby, yada yada.

but seriously.

two skirts in 30 (ish) minutes flat? love love love it! I added the ish to the time frame because a few times I had to go re-swaddle Charlotte. that girl is a Houdini!

anyways, what do you think of my first serger project? of course, something matching for the girls! I’ve given up and am totally on board with the matching thing. it’s just too cute. they’ll have to deal wit it.


  1. When you do the matching this cute I can’t imagine they would mind at all. Very nice!

  2. So fun. I love the fabric. I like to do things for my girls that are either same pattern different fabric, or same fabric different pattern just so they aren’t too matchy-matchy. It is a lot of fun.

  3. I am definitely going to have to something matching for my girls! I love how the skirts and yo-yos came out! I just need time to do it.

  4. SOOOOO cute!! Love that fabric, and the matching hair clips!!!

  5. I LOVE IT!!! I knew you’d love the serger too. Can you believe how fast it was?

    Great fabric and I love the reverse matching :)

  6. LOVE them! So fun! My little escape artist had a more difficult time getting out of the kiddopotamus swaddle suits than any other swaddle suits or blankets. 😉

  7. Super cute!

  8. Matching is the best!! I will dress my girls in matching/coordinating outfits for as long as possible…I think it’s so cute! :) And of course having two adorable girls gives a great excuse for matching outfits!!

  9. I love those skirts! Very cute.

  10. those skirts are PRECIOUS!!

  11. I totally LOVE it! what an ADORABLE set of outfits! So cute!

  12. I’m still learning how to use my serger. Well done on the skirts – they are so cute!

  13. I love my serger more than words can say! It makes projects so dang fast and you can cut out entire steps. It rocks my socks off! -Kelsee

  14. Gorgeous. And matching clothes is cute… I’m making myself a skirt to match my daughters! Is that a step too far? x.

  15. love it…they look awesome! i saw as long as they don’t know or don’t care…make em match! :)

  16. Can I borrow your hubby to help me with my new serger? LOL. Stop it! My eyes are burning with all the cuteness. Little Charlotte is way too cute. Wish I was able to photograph her.

  17. I dress my boys in matching outfits sometimes, but boys clothes just aren’t as cute…however, matching outfits does make them seem cuter, somehow. Love the skirts.

  18. Have been offline for a little while and have just discovered your new little one is here!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! She is so adorable and Sadie looks absolutely besotted. And you my girl are a wonder!! Hope all is brilliant in your world :)

  19. Love the cute matching skirts how you switched up the yoyo’s to match! So glad you are enjoying your serger;)

  20. Good Girl, Matching is FUN! Enjoy it, it won’t last long!

  21. Good Girl, Matching is FUN! Enjoy it, it won’t last long!

  22. So cute! Matching is totally ok at this age, now if their 10 and 11 and your trying to match them they may strangle you in your sleep. =) I’m totally gonna have to get you to teach me how to use a serger. My mom’s getting me one for christmas. I’m so excited to get it!

  23. I love these skirts! I wish I had 2 girls so I can have them match! I have a 5 year old boy and a 19 month old daughter. It drives me batty that I can’t make ANYTHING for my son. But I love everything that you make!

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