har har, yeah I’m sooo not funny with that title. This is one of those projects that’s been on the to-do pile for awhile. Like, before I even got pregnant. Like, it was supposed to be someone else’s baby shower gift. lol. oh well!

I got the adorable leggings at Target for $1 or something, and made the little owl applique to coordinate. Sad thing is, all it needed was the buttons (sewn on tightly!), and stitching around the applique. I blame it on out of sight, out of mind. I mean, it WAS buried underneath a doll quilt that’s just waiting to get quilted and bound. and some skirt panels….and…well you get the picture.

I can’t wait for the little baby to come and make this outfit REALLY cute!

P.S. my foot is killing me, the doc says I have some kind of infection…so hopefully the antibiotics kill it soon cause it’s soo painful and hard to walk. (as if I need something else to make me slower!) wish my foot healthy thoughts!


  1. That is so cute! I hope your foot gets better ASAP.

  2. That is going to be so stinkin adoreable on the baby! So sweet!

    I have the cure for your foot. Stick your foot up in the air, and have your husband smack it with the palm of his hand as he says, “Demons…OUT!” Hey, it works for those crazy preacher guys, right?? Okay, that was a retarded joke, right?! I like to pretend I’m funny. 😀

  3. Very cute Jess. I sure hope the med’s take care of your foot infection, take it easy until then;)

  4. I’ve had those kinds of projects before. It’s the curse of having a pile of sewing projects! Happy thoughts going your foot’s way!

  5. this is too cute!!!


  7. Sounds like a good excuse to put your feet up! Hope your foot is better soon. x.

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