kids clothes week round seven

ok, this is getting a little ridiculous….I keep finding cool stuff to sew though! I blame it on the internet…and this remnant piece of fabric that was calling out to be made into something! At least now my Kids Clothes Week run is rounded out with seven pieces for seven days that I managed to finish.

I found the tutorial for this top on Prudent Baby (a fantastic site), and HAD to try it out asap. I need some practice with the curved pieces, so don’t look too closely, they’re not all that smooth. eh.

P.S. Look for me on Noodlehead tomorrow with a fun kitchen tutorial for Spice up Your Kitchen week!

and…..just because this blog has been lacking some Sadie cuteness lately…

…here she is riding her new tricycle…backwards. lol. She doesn’t QUITE have it down yet, but she didn’t cry too much last night, as opposed to Friday when she first tried it out. She does not handle frustration very well. (Rory says she gets that from me, whatever) Oh wait, he has a point…


  1. had to laugh at the “gets that from me” comment! I use that one on my husband… a lot!!!!

  2. Zoe has that same tricycle and doesn’t ride it. she’ll sit and watch movies on it, or stuff things in the “trunk” but she won’t ride it. how funny.

  3. You must have read my mind!! I was shopping today and saw tons of tops with this curved neck and was determined to come home and try to make one myself… and then I happened to find a tutorial for one on through your blog!!! FATE! Now I just think it would be wrong for me to try it after all that coincidence. Thank you!

  4. So cute! Love the fabric!

  5. Like you’re really gonna stop at 7…we both know better than that. haha! Love the top!

  6. Oh my, that is so adorable! Thanks for sharing the link!

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