flower applique shirt

Wow, I don’t even know how I ended up with these two semi-decent photos. We were NOT having a good photo session when I took these. These pictures cost me a few chocolate chips. (yes, I’m not above bribery apparently. At least when I get desperate and frustrated)

ANYways…I thought that the pillow applique I did for my sister’s birthday would also make a cute shirt….and it did! Imagine that. It’s a 24 month, so baggy on the Sadester, but it’ll fit better later on in the year, hopefully. (she’s a tiny thing, in the 5th to 10th percentile for weight/height)

I did sew down all those little petals, though. yikes. I guess I just wanted to be sure they’d stay on the shirt…so they’d better. Or else.


  1. I. Love. It. So going to copy you. Oh, and after seeing your blog header, I fell in love with that hunky dory print and went out and bought 3 yards of it. So yeah, thanks for that too :)

  2. very cute! I hate sewing little stuff down so more power to ya!

  3. It DEFINATELY made a cute shirt!!! Swoon!!

  4. oh man, your little sadie not ony has to be one of the most darling little girls ever, but her wardrobe always rocks!! I hope that little gal realizes how lucky she is to look so dang cute all of the time :)

  5. You are a trooper for sewing all that down! Go, Jess!

  6. she’s so cute! My Emily is in the 5th percentile too, they must be twins seperated at birth and born to different mothers. hahahah

  7. That’s adorable! What a great summer shirt. Ah, now I want to make one for my daughter!!

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