winner :D

So, I know I said I’d do this drawing yesterday…please forgive me. I went camping Friday night with my family and came home soo sore and tired, so blogging has been the last thing on my mind! (sleeping/napping, on the other hand…) Sadie ended up sharing our air mattress, so Rory and I were a bit squished. and I forgot my pillow. You know, the huge pregnancy pillow. Oh well, at least it doesn’t smell like smoke now.

So, anyways! The winner is Nikki! lol! I just won a giveaway on her blog a few weeks ago. I swear, it’s not fixed. 😉 Email me your address Nikki, and I’ll send these out soon!


  1. Yay for Nikki. She is my close friend. I am the one who made the apron for your little girl. I hope it fits and gets a lot of use!

  2. Those are SO cute!!! Definetely going to try to make some!!

  3. Woot-woot!! Totally made my day!!! Thank you Jess!!!

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