…glad that, at this age, buttons are a girl’s best friend, not diamonds. Thank goodness…they’re much cheaper.

…happy to have my sister back for the weekend at least. She’s been away at BYU for 4 months…and we miss her!

…grateful Rory understands about raging pregnancy hormones. (we’ll just leave it at that)

…obsessing over Sadie’s dress up collection. Even though she doesn’t care for the dresses much…mostly the accessories. I want to make a Cinderella dress next! maybe she’d get excited for that.

…can’t believe April is almost over…where did it go?

…now has 9 weeks left til baby girl #2 comes! (unless she’s late like her sister, and then 11 weeks to go. I don’t like that number as much)

…debating names…we have two front runners, but will wait til she’s born to decide.

…wondering if I’ll have ANY crafting/spare time with two kids!?


  1. Don’t worry, you’ll definitely have time for art/crafting with two kids. Maybe not right off the bat, but they’ll start playing with each other in no time and it’s actually easier :)

    Hang in there! The last 2 months are always the hardest…

  2. Have just found your blog and absolutely love it!! I’m sure crafting will continue as usual (maybe with a little break)….you are such a busy bee and I think it would be hard to keep you down for long. Thanks so much for all your wonderful tutorials …my little one’s wardrobe could rival Sadie’s!! Hope all is well in your little slice of the world :)

  3. The first couple weeks are a little rough, once you sync their schedules you should win some alone time. Maybe. Me? I just don’t sleep much. The best time to be creative is between 9-midnight. BTW, LOVE her little knitted hat. Super cute. I really, really need to learn

  4. Soon Sadie will be putting them in color piles and counting them and letting you know how many you have;)

  5. My three were sorting through my buttons the other day when my middle asked if she could have a look at my treasure jewelery box. When I replied that I don’t actually have one and that I am much more of a button girl than a diamond girl she told me she was disappointed. Oh well, enjoy it while it lasts I say.

  6. Well hello & how do you do?? I always plonked my children down at the buttons in haberdasherie stores to keep them busy. My son, coincidentally name Rory, would sort into colour & size, turns out he’s quite artist, mathematical & crafty too. Love Posie

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