90 minute shirt

I finally tried Dana from Made’s 90 minute shirt tutorial this past weekend. Getting the pattern made was the hardest part…this brown one is the third attempt, which is why it’s brown. I ran out of cuter knit colors. 😉

I still think it’s pretty charming, especially with the little flower applique I added to “girly’ it up a bit. I was able to make two shirts during nap time (2 hours) so it was quicker than 90 minutes, and this third one went even faster! (sorry about her out of focus face…she had just woken up and I was trying to snap a few before she ran away from me to play) The best part? It fits over her head super easy. She has a huge noggin and sometimes it’s hard to get shirts over her head without her getting upset. (a current problem…) So these are nice, cry-free shirts.

Still needs a little tweaking. Like, making the neck not so wide that it falls off her shoulder like a 80’s movie character.

p.s. Her hair looks SOO red in these pictures! love it.


  1. That top picture is the cutest ever! She’s such a doll and the shirt is super cute, too!

  2. Another set of gorgeous photos of your sweet little one. Loving the flower. Was that part of the fabric or did you add it on?

  3. Great job! Going to check teh tutorial out! My little red-head needs some shirts because her sisters didn’t leave any un-stained hand-me-downs!

  4. So cute. I’m still chicken to try knits much. I love her hair…someday my baby will have hair.

  5. So cute! I am still trying to tackle the pattern and haven’t had much success yet.

  6. SO SO CUTE!!! Good work!! I want to try that one too!

  7. super cute! i hear ya about the shirt over the head battle. my little one has a fit when we put on and off shirts!

  8. That turned out super cute!

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