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Hey peeps! Have I got a fun gal to introduce you to! I just love me a good crafty momma blog. There’s just something about reading a blog and feeling like “hey! I can totally relate to that kid story/craft project/blah blah blah!” You know what I mean.

Anyways…may I introduce you to BriAnna Jenkins, who blogs over on Sew Lovely Life. And her blog IS so lovely! BriAnna and lived in the same town when we were younger, but never really got to know each other then. Years later…enter: the power of blogging! We found each others blogs, found out we had a lot in common, and fun times ensued. (wish we lived closer to each other for sewing partays) She has such a great eye for fabric and patterns, and her daughter Abigail is oh so cute…need proof?

awww! (and she made that dress, of course!)

I love this quilt she made! So, what else to do but have a little bloggy swap, my first ever! So I am very excited to introduce to you the….
(by the way, her tutorials are WAY cuter than mine, mine are cowering in the corner hanging their heads in shame)

BriAnna says: I designed this little flouncy skirt because I was getting a little tired of my little girl growing out of her dresses. So I made this little skirt which (fingers crossed) will last her for a while! Feel free to ask me any questions that you have about it! I am toying with the idea of making up a little shirt to go with it… or maybe embellishing a onesie? Something fun!

Well, here we go!

Click below for more details!

and here’s the final product, isn’t it darling?! LOVE that fabric. Thanks BriAnna!

Check out my ruffle bib tutorial over on her blog!


  1. To be fair, I think I have a grand total of 2 tutorials… sooooo… =]

  2. How cute! I like the underlayer of contrasting fabric!

  3. Oh she makes it look sew easy;)

  4. What a cute skirt!! I love that bottom layer of fabric peeking out the bottom! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:

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