oilcloth receipt/coupon wallet

The moment I saw this tutorial, I knew it was what I needed to keep my receipts organized. I am probably the worst person in the world at keeping track of receipts. I stuff them wherever I like…in the diaper bag, my back pocket, Sadie’s grubby little hands…no spot is off limits. And then, when I do have something to return, I can NeVeR find the right receipt. grrr.

Hopefully this will help. I just need to remember to place them in the wallet. (wish me luck with that)
Oilcloth is a bit tricky to work with, hence the not-too-pretty outside of this little wallet. oh well. It’s just for receipts, right?

Oh, and this was the ONE project I finished after getting my sewing machine back, before it conked out on me again. The sewing machine guy and I think it’s a bobbin case issue. I keep breaking needles because they hit the case. He thinks it’s moving around too much. Hopefully a new one (being ordered), will solve the problem.

Otherwise I may scream. Oh wait, already did. Have I mentioned I get frustrated easily?

Anyways, send good thoughts out to the new bobbin case. Supportive, motivating thoughts. Like….rah rah rah GO new bobbin case! Work for Jessica! PLEASE!


  1. Good luck with the sewing machine!! That would be irritating!! “Go bobbin case, rah, rah, rah!!” 😀

  2. I wondered about oil cloth as I have never sewn on it before. I am cheering for your sewing machine can you hear me! rah rah shish cumbah go new bobbin case!

  3. When I started sewing wallets with vinyl id pockets, a friend suggested using a teflon foot to help the vinyl slide through the machine. But I am too frugal to spend $26 on a special foot so instead I always affix blue painters tape to the bottom of my foot. I just cut the tape to fit (approx) the size of my foot and the sticky fabric glides right through! The tape is easily removed and doesn’t leave a residue either. This works well on vinyl, oilcloth, and laminated cottons. Hope your machine is up and humming again soon:)

  4. go new bobbin case! rah rah rah.


    I’ve tried scotch on the bottom of your regular sewing foot too, it worked pretty well! Love the wallet though really.

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