no sewing machine=scrapbooking time!

While I’m waiting for my sewing machine to get back from the sewing machine doctor’s, I decided to try and still be productive. I cut out a bunch of sewing projects I’ve been wanting (needing) to do…and scrapbooked. (GASP!) I haven’t done that in awhile! It took a couple of layouts to get back into some kind of groove, so I won’t show you the first couple…they are UGLAY. Here are the ones I deemed cute enough to put online.

don’t laugh too hard, I am SOO out of practice!


  1. Totally feeling you. I haven’t put up my LO’s online either! I keep thinking that they are kinda cute, but look like I just wanted to get them done…which I did. haha!

  2. whatever! they are totally cute! i’m copying your ideas :) i REALLY need to get back on my scrapbook friday, but i’m so out of the groove. ugh.

  3. What are you talking about, those are really nice!

  4. Very nice layouts! I really like that you don’t overcrowd the picture or over-embellish…clean and simple…

  5. great job! especially love the “S” layout! i feel ya…sometimes i can sit in front of pictures for hours trying to think of what to do and still now be happy with what i come up with!

  6. The “S” layout is my favorite. They are all cute. I am so behind in my scrapbooking (2 year old does not let me have much “me” time). So I bought PSE 8. I am going to try to do them all digitally now :)

  7. I think they are very lovely and keeping you busy while your sewing machine is getting a rest and overhaul;0)

  8. If your not loving your layouts, remind me to find some dark corner and hide my entire collection of scrapbooks under about a ton of junk. Yours are TOO cute!

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