a few more…

here’s a few more layouts created in the last sewing-less week. It’s coming home today (thanks Dad for picking it up!), so I can’t wait to start on some projects that got put on hold. Namely, Sadie’s Easter dress! I cut it out last night…I’m using a pattern, wish me luck. Those things seem like they are written in Swahili sometimes. (Or some hard to understand language, take your pick)

those doodles are supposed to look like stitches, haha. I miss my machine. Have I mentioned that?

this last one is what happens when Sadie finds your paper stash. (notice the left hand bottom corner) Oh well!


  1. Very cute sadie will love looking at these and hearing the stories that go along with them.

  2. I love your layouts. I wish we lived closer so that we could scrapbook together.

  3. i actually love the little wrinkles on things sometimes because of the little fingers they remind me of!

  4. If the girls get into your papr, iron it. Just make sure you don’t use steam or else it will just be a soggy mess. I have personally done it, so I know it works. Just not with plastic/glitter paper.

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