dah do?

dah do? That’s what Sadie calls coloring. aww.

I made one of these little notebook cases for my sister Julia’s birthday last year, and since Sadie has been commandeering it every week during church, I FINALLY made her one of her own. I’ve had it cut out and ready to be sewn together for an embarrassing amount of time. (like, since last November) Here is the tutorial I used.

I love the cheerful bright fabric!

and obviously, Sadie has already claimed it as her own. 😉


  1. Alright, I am going to have to make this one too. Can I just follow you around all day and copy you!?

    I am passing you this award, since you are so wonderful!


  2. SUPER cute!!!!

  3. Ian has one like this only with a velcro closure. Oma (my mom) got it for him for his birthday. HE LOVES IT! I love that it’s easy to throw in for the Dr’s office or church. He used to call it “draw draw”. Don’t you love little kid art (and mama art inspired by little kid art)?

  4. Cuuute (the notebook and the kid!). I think I might have to make one of these for church, too. Good idea.

  5. ADORABLE!! Maybe one day I can be as good as you…unlikely :)

  6. LOVE the fabric! I’m in the process of making one of these for Kadie. She’s in desperate need of entertainment during church!! It’s getting ridiculous between both my kids!!

  7. I need to make one for Rayne. All she ever wants during church these days is paper and a pen 😛

  8. what a cutie! have to make a couple of these, i just have to!!

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