…eyeballing the cookies I made last night…I only had one…now that’s willpower! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

…can’t believe I’m in the THIRD trimester already. (according to one source…why do they all say different things?)

…am kind of freaking out about the above statement.

…am also very excited about the new baby.

…needs some summer shirts for Sadie…I thought she’d be in 24 month size by now but she barely got into the 12-18 month size, and most of that stuff was meant for winter. oops!

…has bought WAY too many things for Sadie’s Easter basket. There’s just too much cute stuff. I blame Target. (doesn’t everyone?)

…can’t figure my macro mode on my camera…all of a sudden it won’t work right. Gotta dig out that manual I guess.

…is pining for her sewing machine. (well, not really. But I do miss it. On the other hand I finally caught up with Grey’s Anatomy, Burn Notice, and Trauma)

…got Sadie’s hair into a ponytail. Cutest. thing. ever.


  1. Costco has some really cute summer clothes right now. I had to limit myself to only one outfit in 3-6 month size. I wanted the stuff that was 12 month or bigger.

  2. What I want to know is how you got your frosting to look so perfect on your cookies!? Mine never look that good! And I don’t know how you only had one…cookies are my weakness!

    I always buy too many things for the kids’ Easter baskets…I agree, too many cute things!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope you wore green! 😉

  3. so with you on the wrong size thing, Tabitha is still wearing most of her 3-6 onesies depending on the brand and she just started to wear 6-9/6-12 stuff and she’s 11 1/2 months old. all of her stuff is totally the wrong season, but i’m trying to make as much of it work as I can.
    I bought way to much stuff too, But my excuse has been that tabitha’s birthday is 2 days after easter and I want her to be able to celebrate both, not just get 1 present for both days. =) morgen gave me the “yea right” look when I told him that when I brought home more stuff for her kitchen. ah well.

  4. No way you made those cookies!! They look like you bought them from a store!! W-O-W!

  5. You need to do a frosting tutorial. yesterday. It would get used o much

    Also, I LOVE BURN NOTICE!!! I am so obsessed. I have dreams that I am Fiona and John is Michael Weston and we are amazing spies…like all the time! John wants to name our son MIchael Weston LOL!!! :)
    Love you!
    Why haven’t you posted ANY pictures of your BELLY?! Is your belly button poking out? Mine is…can’t hide it anymore! Also, are you legs and feet swollen already beyond recognition? I gotta know! Love you, and thanks again for the email!

  6. Those are some beautiful Sugar clover cookies!

  7. Um…I believe you are in the THIRD trimester, dear. haha! I haven’t gotten anything for easter baskets yet because I will significantly reduce Target’s stock if I shop too early :)

  8. SO you DID post a belly pic, how did I miss that?! It’s super cute!!!! LOVE IT! I especially love that I am not the only large one :) Love you!

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