Just wanted to share this fun idea that I like to do for kids birthday presents!

Instead of a card, which can cost a few bucks at the store, I like to purchase a book from the dollar store, or dollar section at Target, and use that in lieu of a card…the kid will love it much more than a folded piece of paper, guaranteed!

A little tag on the back covers up the price…(although what good is that now that I told you where I got it..oh well!)…and serves as the “to/from” part.

Easy, inexpensive, and fun!


  1. great tip! cards are wayy overpriced.

  2. Did you get that book at Target?? We are Richard Scarry FREAKS around here. Well, some of us are, anyway. :)

  3. Great idea! I think cards are such a waste of money for kids. Or at least for mine. They could care less about them!

  4. what an awesome idea! most kids could care less about the card anyway! thanks for sharing :)

  5. Love this idea…

  6. Are you kidding me?! WHERE do you come up with this stuff? That is a seriously amazing idea. Definitely stealing this one too!

    PS Love your new header!

  7. AWESOME idea! So much better for a child then a card! Brilliant, as always!!

  8. I would like to get a Lowly Worm book instead of a card too!

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