this is what you call "hardcore"

just punched a hole through my finger with my sewing machine needle. not through the nail, but still through my flesh….youch!

now i’ll always remember that dumb bib i was making.

you like my scrap flannel bandage? lol.

(so i have some kind of street cred amongst sewers, now, right?)


  1. Yikes! Definitely street cred worthy! I haven’t done that (yet) myself but I do sport a permanent shin splint on my foot pedal leg.

  2. You are totally in now. You can’t be a true sewer until you have bled all over a project. I felt ridiculously stupid when I did it-and I ended up stuck with my finger pinned down by the needle- Panic! You’ll hear lots of good stories now!

  3. Yeowch! That looks like a earned medal of war! Hopefully you were sewing something uber cute. Maybe you should tattoo something over the wound.

  4. Ouch! That looks like it hurt.

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